Virgo is the most feminine zodiac sign

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Virgo is the most feminine zodiac sign

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Planets Moon and Venus are our feminine energies

The moon is Virgo’s esoteric ruler and Venus was regarded as Virgo (Ishtar/Inanna) in her constellation

Virgo is the healer of the zodiac sign

Virgo is mutable earth ( very strong in feminine energy)

Virgo is the virgin and virgin in this context is a female who goes with the flow of life which is the main factor of femininity

Ceres is an asteroid that indicates our womanhood and motherly relationships in our birth chart and is the true ruler of Virgo

Mercury is the planet that is convertible which means it has no specific energy rather takes on the traits of the sign it’s in which means when in Gemini is a masculine planet regarded as the morning star and a Feminine planet regarded as the evening star in Virgo

Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign and the number 6 represents feminine energy , beauty and the planet Venus

Feminine energy is submissive and Virgo is clearly the sign of service

Lastly Berkana is a symbol of divine femininity and Mother Earth which in astrology is heavily associated to the Virgo sign as the mother of the universe

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