Does my solar return indicate relocation?

Describes the energies and areas according to the moment the Sun returns to its exact natal position as it recurs in the current year, and in the current location.
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Does my solar return indicate relocation?

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This is my interpretation:
First, I would start with the Sun conjunction SR MC. And this Sun, together with the natal Sun, is in sextile by Uranus and Moon in conjunction. Uranus rules the fourth house and Moon the ninth house. Fourth house has to do with home. Sun rules the tenth house. It has to do with the career Uranus brings changes. Moon also symbolises home. It also rules the 9th house, which has to do with travel, expansion, internationalisation, et al. That could indicate: change of residence due to career issues. Also, the 9th house usually indicates international travel (as opposed to the third house, which is about small domestic travel). It also has to do with Higher Education. Hence, the outcome will be: change of country residence, for jobs related to higher education.

Second, Pluto is in sextile with the natal moon. As I explained above, moon rules the 9th house. Pluto rules the first house; physical existence. Pluto brings changes. It destroys old ways of life, old foundations etc. This is another indication of change of home, on international level, for issues related to higher education. In addition, you can see that in the natal chart my natal moon is in trine with Uranus. SR Pluto will be in sextile with my natal moon, close to the midpoint between the trine natal Uranus - Moon. It activates the natal trine as a birth promise. Uranus rules the fourth. Thus, we have another strong indication of location change. Last time I had a relocation was when my SR Pluto (and transit Pluto) squared my natal moon. It was a difficult move, nevertheless.

One thing: those aspects are sextiles. Sextiles are mild aspects. But... most of them refer to cardinal positions, 4, 10. The second activates a natal trine. Also, the first sextile is a conjunction sextile.

Finally, SR Pluto is in the fourth SR house.

In my opinion, this does speak of relocation. I am correct?
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Re: Does my solar return indicate relocation?

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What Astrology Says About Your Solar Return In astrology, the sun's return can also reflect the entire landmass: your center character, certainty, confidence, mental self view, healthy self-appreciation, personality, and life way.
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Re: Does my solar return indicate relocation?

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Hi there,

Cab you please update us if you relocated or not?

I see Pluto in the 4th but that indicates slow transformation through the year. I think your SR is focusing more on your 11H (wishes and friends)
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