Please help lack of ambition/fear in husband and son

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Please help lack of ambition/fear in husband and son

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Hello and thank you for taking your time to read this, your advice is appreciated.

My son is struggling with school. He doesn't have much drive or ambition to do well, failing several basic courses, missing/late work. He is young and doesn't understand the importance. Much of his school history is this way, I'd hoped he would have out grown it by high school but it honestly is just getting worse.

My husband is very unhappy with his career. He wants to change paths. Much like my son, he seems to lack the drive to make it happen. He tried to go back to school, took 1 course and never went on. Is told of other opportunities but never goes after them. But. I realized here recently he is afraid too. He worries about the 'unknown' when you leave stable employment for something new.

Both are short tempered so I worry about red stones.....
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