Lunar eclipse composite aspects- hidden feelings revealed?

Transits are the most obvious and immediately evident way in which astrological influences can be shown to continue beyond the natal horoscope. They are a rich and complex means of exploring and suggesting ongoing opportunities for personal/psychological development within, not only an individual, but also within Families, and Countries.
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Lunar eclipse composite aspects- hidden feelings revealed?

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Attached are the composites of my closest friend and I. We are both in relationships, have been friends for years with some repressed romantic feelings (at least the tension is there). The transits are for the May 5th lunar eclipse, where I noticed quite a bit of significant transits (the lunar eclipse on Venus in the composite, and on Pholus in the next chart). The second chart attached is Astro’s multi-composite chart for both of us couples. Any help with interpretation of these transits to a composite chart is super helpful!!
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