Jupiter "The Protector"

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Jupiter "The Protector"

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One of Jupiter’s classic roles is “The Protector”, and this is no less reflected in the physical universe by his pulling in passing asteroids or other rubble which would otherwise crash into our little planet Earth. This article reminded me of this part of Jupiter’s ‘role’ as it pertains to astrology:

https://www.space.com/jupiter-impact-fl ... 190810-sdc

A short excerpt: “The planet’s massive gravity tugs asteroids and other space debris toward itself. One group of astronomers has estimated an object 16.5 feet (5-20 meters) across slams into the planet between one and five times a month.

“...Astronomers have already identified more than 20,000 objects hanging around in Earth’s neighbourhood alone, and they know that tally is just a fraction of the total. Such space rocks hit Earth as well, and [Jupiter] PROTECTS EARTH from them...” (paraphrased).

The recent example (7 August): https://www.space.com/7024-jupiter-appa ... eveal.html is only one of many many such instances,

Astrologically this suggests (quite obviously), that even when retrograde - and often appearing to result in not only a ‘lack of luck’ but also a marked lack of growth - Jupiter is catching and protecting us from at least some of the impacts of what might have been even worse than we could imagine.

Of course, and as this article shows with physical Jupiter, he can’t protect us from all and everything - in which case, we have to ‘wear it’, to accept that we went too far, expected to much, or took on too much at some point during his direct motion, and especially if he made any conjunctions, squares or oppositions to natal planets during that period.

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Re: Jupiter "The Protector"

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I guess Jupiter protects you in the sign, house, and aspects (to the natal Jupiter) that it makes, in one's chart!
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Re: Jupiter "The Protector"

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That's a fascinating analogy linking Jupiter's role in astronomy with its astrological symbolism as "The Protector." Indeed, Jupiter's gravitational influence plays a crucial role in shielding Earth from potential impacts by deflecting or capturing asteroids and other space debris. This physical phenomenon mirrors Jupiter's astrological association with expansion, growth, and protection.

Astrologically, when we consider Jupiter's retrograde motion, it's akin to a pause or a period of reassessment in its protective function. Retrograde periods often invite us to reflect on our beliefs, philosophies, and areas where we seek growth. While retrograde Jupiter may sometimes be associated with setbacks or delays in our endeavors, your analogy beautifully illustrates how even during retrograde phases, Jupiter continues to offer a form of protection.

Just as Jupiter in astronomy can't shield Earth from every cosmic impact, astrologically, retrograde Jupiter doesn't guarantee immunity from all challenges or obstacles. However, it suggests that even during periods of apparent stagnation or setbacks, there may be hidden blessings or protections at work, safeguarding us from more significant harm or difficulties.

Your point about accepting responsibility for our actions during Jupiter's direct motion, especially regarding any major aspects to natal planets, is well-taken. It underscores the importance of understanding the nuances of astrological transits and using them as opportunities for self-awareness, growth, and ultimately, acceptance of the natural ebb and flow of life's experiences.
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