Does she love me?

Electional astrology is utilized in choosing the most appropriate time to begin something. The intent is to achieve a successful outcome, and the rules applied are very specifically set toward that end.
An Horary chart is used to answer a question about a particular matter or issue and is set up for the time the question comes to mind or is asked.
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Does she love me?

Post by avenged14 »

Hi !
She's a collegue..she's married unfortunately but we have something for each other.She's not in good terms with her husband for a while now.
Thank you !
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Re: Does she love me?

Post by MarinaFFF »

Hi, she loved you but also and even more her husband. Saturn (her husband) in exaltation and you ( Mars ) in detriment. Well it doesn’t looks good. Maybe things changed by now. But in that time she loved her husband more. I’m I correct? Can you please reply. I’m learning.
Astrology is not a prediction, it’s a alignment of our planets showing perfectly the given situation.
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