What is the difference between astrology and astronomy?

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What is the difference between astrology and astronomy?

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Astronomy is the scientific study of objects, phenomena, and events in the sky, as displayed by the Earthbound telescopes.
Astrology, on the other hand, is just pseudoscience. It is based on superstitious beliefs. It was probably invented by Babylonians. Their kings were worried about their horoscopes. They wanted to know about their future. So they created fake planets, planets which believed in astrology. Astrology is a system of astronomy based on
1. The ancient astronomical observations of heavenly bodies, translated to interpretations that do not fit into the theories proposed by modern astronomers.
2. The belief that the stars, planets and moon have personalities, feelings, and intentions.
3. The belief that the movements and positions of the celestial bodies significantly influence earthly events.
systems of astrology, which were tied to the religion or folklore that influenced them. These cultures developed their systems in different ways, so astrology varied from one culture to the next. However, in each culture, astrology had a very important function.
The Egyptians developed an early system of astrology that later spread to Greece. In ancient Egypt, astrology was very much tied to religion, because Egyptian religion was built around the belief that the gods had ordered the universe.
The Egyptians ordered the universe when the sky was created and the stars arrived on its surface. These wise men created a system of astrology that identified the stars, sun, moon, and planets as gods.
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