Rescuing the dead

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Rescuing the dead

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What happens when we die? I don't have the answer to that question, I don't think many people do. I'm pretty sure though, that I'll find out one day. I have previously written about some of my out-of-body experiences and meeting ghosts, the following stories are from recent encounters and might help answer some of the questions we all have about the afterlife.

One night I was meditating, as I do when I go to bed (and then again around 4.00 am). It's a habit I have had for many years now. I find that these times are perfect for my dreaming experiences, out-of-body and astral travels. I also do a lot of problem-solving and even compose my books in these meditations.

I had spent the day reading up on Australian history, particularly the 2nd World War action in New Guinea, north of Australia. I had worked with a veteran, many years ago, who was there. On this particular night, I did what I always do: build the chi (energy) in my navel chakra, a standard tai chi, Taoist alchemy practice.

As I fell asleep I felt the ball of chi at my navel move down to my feet, and this is very unusual. I normally create a ball of light at the top of my head (Omega point) and the soles of my feet (Alpha point) but not like this. The ball of chi forced itself down to the Alpha point at my feet and then zoomed off, at speed, away from me. At the same time my double or clone self, which one day I'll explain in more detail, raced off with it. I was a bit perplexed but as I was almost asleep I ignored it.

Only a few seconds later though, the ball of chi and my clone returned, again at speed. With them came 10 or so Australian soldiers from the action in the New Guinea campaign of WW2. They were horribly thin, their clothing in rags, decimated in body and spirit.

They had been dead for nearly 80 years, frozen, in a state of shock and bewilderment.
kokoda-trail-group.jpg (58.48 KiB) Viewed 3490 times
(Image: wounded Australian soldiers walking back to an aid station behind the front lines, Kokoda Campaign, Papua/New Guinea, 1942.)

I didn't know what to do, I'd not rescued anyone who had passed on before. I have visited, and have had many visits from deceased friends and family but I've not rescued those who had died. So I did what came automatically to me - I let go and allowed my unconscious, my 'body wisdom', to do what needed to be done. I completely trust my innate wisdom when on the astral planes, it does things I have no idea how to do consciously, so these days I just 'let go'.

At that moment my aura glowed a brilliant white light, a white I'd never used before. Within seconds the soldiers all disappeared, like bubbles popping in the air. I scanned my bedroom to check if they were still there, but they had all gone. I relaxed and fell asleep. In the morning I scanned my room again and it was empty of the ghosts from the night before. I believe that they were empowered in some way, to move out of their state of shock and on to the next stage of their journey of existence.

The next experience was a ghost in my craniosacral therapist's room. During my first session, I sensed others in the room but said nothing. Then something strange happened: I was lying on S's table in a lovely blissful state when BANG! someone hit the table next to me. I jumped in shock and saw an alien standing next to my right shoulder. It had a very ugly face too. I'm fairly comfortable these days with strange things like this so I didn't freak out, but I sure did when they first started happening many years ago. Still, this was a bit of a shock.

My therapist, S, asked me what had just happened and I told her that someone else was in the room and had hit the table to get my attention. I didn't want to frighten her so I didn't say that I'd just seen an alien. I thought that maybe I was seeing things, so I went back to my blissful state. At the end of the session we talked. S doesn't see ghosts, so when she said that two other patients had seen a stranger with a beak-like face, I was a bit freaked out. This now made sense of what I had seen. The alien's face was in fact a mask, like that worn by nurses from the times of the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic. What I had seen was a mask made of white canvas, a full-face mask with two glass windows for the eyes. It had a pointy front that was used to pack cotton wool soaked in eucalyptus oil and other remedies to kill the virus.
Look at the picture below and imagine seeing that standing next to you, what would you think?
1918-spanish-flu-mask.jpg (136.33 KiB) Viewed 3490 times
(Image: the type of mask I saw, typically worn by medical staff in hospital plague wards c.1919.)

This ghostly nurse from the past was there for the next five or so sessions and even though she stood next to me she rarely did anything. Twice she patted my arm but I never experienced healing from her. I told S that maybe the nurse was not there to help heal her patients but rather to watch and learn what S was doing. My cs therapist is an incredibly gifted healer.

At her last session, this ghostly nurse showed me an image of why she was there. It was an image of a hospital ward full of plague victims. The nurse wasn't there to help S heal her clients or to learn how to heal, she was still traumatised, 100 years later, and she was the one in need of healing.
1918-spanish flu-hospital.jpg
1918-spanish flu-hospital.jpg (109.36 KiB) Viewed 3490 times
(Image: a packed plague ward, 1918. Conditions like this can easily overwhelm nursing staff.)

The image was horrible but I calmed myself and let my body wisdom take control. As I'd done previously with the ghost soldiers from WW2. I unconsciously glowed the same brilliant white light. When the light faded she was gone. She's not been back since. I like to think she found healing and moved on.

Update: it happened again. I was meditating early in the morning when a man in his thirties approached me. He didn't speak as such but I intuited that his wife and daughter were involved in a car accident and that his wife was in a coma in hospital - she was in a very serious condition. He then said that his daughter was, 'allowed to go early'.

As he said this I noticed a little girl, maybe eight years old, standing beside me. She smiled up at me as though saying, 'can we go now, please?'

She was clearly very happy. She took me by the hand and together we walked forward into a golden mist. Yes, I know, the previous times I had spontaneously glowed with a brilliant white light, so this was a bit of a surprise for me. As we approached the mist the little girl became excited, glancing up at me expectantly. In a few short steps, we stopped. I heard voices and then faces appeared from out of the mist. The little girl looked up at me, her smile was of a joy that only comes with the recognition of a loved one. She looked at me once more, smiled brightly then dropped my hand. She stepped into the mist and disappeared.

When I came back to consciousness I lay in bed pondering what had happened. This was such a nice experience, there was no sadness, no pain, no fear, just complete joyfulness. The golden light? Well, I'm not quite sure what that was about, but one day I'll work it out. I didn't glow as I did with the previous experiences, it came from the mist that appeared around us. I haven't heard from the man who came to me that night either, nor do I know what happened to the girl's mother.

Update: just when I thought that I wouldn't see any more spirits during my cs therapy, there, off to my left, next to where S was sitting, appeared a young woman with short brown hair, eyes closed and squirming about on her bed. My first impression was that she had cerebral palsy and was blind. I didn't know what to do, was she dead and looking for release? Was she living and had connected with me for some reason? I tried to white light the room to see if it would help but nothing happened.

I told S that we had visitors again and she replied that she would clear the room so that we could do our healing without interruption. But no, the girl wasn't going to let that happen. She came right up to my ear and whispered, "I just want to ask you a question."

That shocked me, her voice was as clear as a bell in my ear. Once I recovered I began to wonder what her question might be. I told the girl that I would let my higher self answer her question because I was busy with my healing. I offered to see her that night in my sleep if she wanted more. When the session ended, S and I chatted about it and shrugged our shoulders. The gods and spirits I saw during our sessions were all different, none have been the same.

When I went to bed that night I visualised the girl and told her that I was ready to answer her question and would give her all night to talk with me. I think it was around midnight when she arrived and asked me to tell her about my 'division'. I wasn't sure what she meant... then it clicked, clones, she was asking me about my clones. I had three clones: the black me who looks after external issues that might arise; my white and gold clones assist in my health and spiritual growth.

As soon as I explained what I was doing she cloned a knight protector for herself. I was initially a little confused because the people I have helped in the past had cloned images of themselves. But hey, there are no rules to this sort of thing - so why not a knight protector?

I showed her what I did by adding another clone to help me with my gardening. Because she had a clone that wasn't a direct clone of herself, I made my new one a blend of Pan, the earth God, and The Seer (High Priestess) from the Wildwood Tarot. I called him the Green Man no doubt influenced by my love of Celtic mythology.
forest green man+woman.jpg
forest green man+woman.jpg (206.76 KiB) Viewed 3490 times
The Green Man of Celtic mythology.

I spent the rest of the night till about 5:30 am talking with the girl and her clone. Spending most of the night on the astral planes takes it out of me so I took my time to process what had happened before getting out of bed. I wonder, will she visit me again?
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