Full Moon Taurus/Scorpio - 19 Nov. 2021

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Full Moon Taurus/Scorpio - 19 Nov. 2021

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As all will know, this Full Moon is a Partial Lunar Eclipse, but a very long one (according to one source, the longest of such in 600 years).
It occurs in exactly the same degree as the outer planetoid "Sedna" and an interesting article on Sedna is: https://www.astro.com/astrology/aa_article190401_e.htm If you join Alan Clay's site, you will find his latest take on what this Full Moon conjunct Sedna may mean.

A short extract from this just to give you a taste:
The conjunction with Sedna lifts the eclipse into a 'Soul's Path of Destiny' moment. Sedna is always trying to get us on the spiritual path and, when we are on the path, she sends transcendent crises where we must let go and transcend to a new spiritual awareness. So the conjunction with the eclipse suggests this could be a moment of letting go of repeated pain and suffering and starting the transcendence to a new understanding of these issues.
Other articles on this "Beaver Moon" as it is called: https://www.space.com/beaver-moon-eclip ... f25ab03b85

For the Southern Hemisphere: https://theconversation.com/tonights-ec ... 0Australia

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