Progressed Pisces Moon

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Progressed Pisces Moon

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I just got into Moon progressions. I currently have a progressed Pisces moon, how will this effect me for the next 2 years? :D
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Re: Progressed Pisces Moon

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Hi sunnydrip91,

As you can see, I've moved your post to this section of the forum (for obvious reasons).

I see that your Prog. Asc. moved into Sagittarius in June 2020 which, of itself would suggest a major shift for you as naturally, this would - not least of all give you the urge to discover more 'out there', to learn more and to attempt to go beyond wherever you were previously.  (Always of course, your Scorpio Rising is fundamental, but Sag. gives another dimension to your expression and needs).

I'm mentioning this because your Progressed Moon in Pisces, being not only ruled by Neptune but by Jupiter too, adds yet another dimension to the meaning of this.  As it's in your Prog. 3rd House (intellect/studies etc.) this suggests an increased capacity to absorb, to 'feel' and 'sense' the meaning of information you receive, and the need and urge (Jupiter/Sag.) to convey your feelings and thoughts to others, perhaps by writing or whatever avenue suits you.

I suggest you study your Prog. Jupiter (note: in the Prog. 9th House - the "higher mind" and studies involving such as...astrology, philosophy etc., but with the aim of bringing it 'down to earth' (Prog. Jupiter in Virgo and your Natal 3rd cusp in Capricorn with Neptune there also in Capricorn, along with your North Node), and using it all to ultimately 'help others' in some way (Saturn and Moon in Aquarius !).   

This is all very exciting !  However, I realise that such a statement may seem over-the-top to you at this time with transiting Saturn sitting in square to your Natal Asc., especially with his long square on and off with transiting Uranus - which may have been making you feel the urge to move forward whilst at the same time, feeling or finding no way to do this.  Don't worry, it will come, if very gradually, and you know that Saturn holds us back in order to make sure we've established the proper groundwork and foundation for any real forward movement.  (And especially as you experienced your Saturn Return this year).
But really, I think you're in for a very exciting future !

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