Is this relationship meaningful and worth it?

Note that synastry requires two charts to be set up and analysed so, before asking, please make sure that this is a serious relationship. This is a free board and our time to respond is limited.
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Is this relationship meaningful and worth it?

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I am a bit confused about this one and would really appreciate help. Sorry for the longer post.
When we first went out, it was after his multiple tries to invite me out - I wasn't really interested and I was in a long relationship. Then, me and my ex broke up and he wrote to me again. So we met up and I was still not really interested in him. He wanted to be serious with me, even though he doesn't look from the outside as someone who can be loyal and make deep connections. I wasn't ready for a new relationship since my old one ended on bad terms and not so long ago. But something kept me feeling just right when we are together, so we continued seeing each other. I managed to mess up pretty early in this relationship, since I didn't want to accept that I was developing feelings for him.

After that mistake (which wasn't objectively huge) he got cold and changed his behaviour towards me. It looked like he's trying to hide his feelings just so he can hurt me. It ended up with us not speaking, there was no fight, just kind of ghosting each other.
This made me a bit insecure to be honest. It seemed like we started developing something special, even after that change, we were still great when we're together, the problem was the mutual ignoring when we are not. So now I'm left wondering if it looked like that only from my side and if he's just not interested.

Is there anything interesting in our synastry chart? What kind of potential do we have? If this was meant to be short term, it would be easier to know
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Re: Is this relationship meaningful and worth it?

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Hi econdrib,

Thank you for all that very helpful information and for posting your synastry chart.

However, I prefer to set up and examine each individual chart separately before I look at a synastry chart. (I also set up a Composite chart which requires birth data for each person).

So would you please provide birth data for both of you (date, place and time of birth).
If you wish to keep this information private, you can do so by "pm" here.

Thank you.

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