Indian Astrology

This includes matters relevant to the history of astrology, as well as the birth of Countries, Territories, States and Cities.

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Indian Astrology

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Well well… quite an interesting topic. Astrology is one topic which is quite debatable. There are some who are staunch believers of astrology while there are some who believe in carving their own destiny..….

Indian people are age old believers of astrology and especially our forefathers are ones who believed a lot in the stars and planets. Even today many people are seen to hire the astrology services of the best.

Well to say that Indian astrology isn’t true would be an outright denial of the beliefs of our sages and being ought not to do that. There are some things which actually come true as predicted by astrology.
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Re: Indian Astrology

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Astro, if you wish to participate on our forum, please post something of quality, don't just spout words. This thread you've started needs a bit more thought and content to back up your statement, please improve your style, thanks.
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Online Vedic Astrology Consultation

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Really astrology is very useful for any person. Astrology is key of all problems.
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Re: Indian Astrology

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Astrology has been the guiding light since ancient times back to the oldest civilizations around the globe. A lot of statements have been made and a clash of opinions on whether to believe in astrology or not. Adapting the culture of astrology is a choice that lies with oneself but at the same time, many reasons support the importance of astrology. 
This complete study of planets and stars not only gives life, career, business, individual, etc. Insights but also holds the power to forewarns against unfavorable situations. 
Throwing back to the origin, the world ‘Astrology’ is derived from two Greek words i.e., Astra, which signifies a star, and Logos, which states a logic or reason. Astrology speaks about the doctrine and law as suggested by the stars or planets. This vast and deep study convicts bestows the movement of the planets and the stars and how they influence one in their daily lives. 

Astrology is the study of the effect of cosmos on our lives and similarly, planetary movements give several indications of events in our lives and minds, emotions, etc., because they are also ruled by the same cosmic force. Comparison between birth planetary positions and existing planetary positions advises the fluctuations in one or two planets and their equivalent effects and power.

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The natal chart drawn out during the time of birth gives a brief understanding of an individual. This makes it easier to determine behavioral patterns, future happenings, etc. Astrology with zodiac signs, lords, planets, planetary positions gives out a way and the best path to head over to reap the benefits in a bad phase or good phase of life. By predicting the aftermath of poignant situations and receding the petrified roots, astrology becomes inevitable in various fields and inceptions. 

Though we have tried putting forward the aspects and importance of astrology, It is always advised to consult a knowledgeable astrologer for determining and a better understanding of astrology to make sure you experience great results in life.

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