what aspects make you think your ugly?

All, including 'abstract' aspects. Aspect patterns when well understood can give interesting insights not only into inherent dynamics but the ways in which an individual may develop.
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what aspects make you think your ugly?

Post by leosun1 »

I know this girl whos really good-looking but she thinks she's ugly.. What aspects would cause this?
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Re: what aspects make you think your ugly?

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Hi leosun and welcome.

Venus/Saturn would be the most likely combination to result in such; and of course, difficult aspects to the Ascendant. Naturally it depends on the signs involved too.

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Re: what aspects make you think your ugly?

Post by Lilith78 »

I am not sure if this aspect is the reason she thinks she is ugly. The main I say this is there are times I live in a hostile environment. As a result of this environment, I may view myself as ugly for one of two reasons. The first is the environment (IE people in the environment) may call me ugly, and thanks to something in my chart, I listen and believe them. The second is that if one in a hostile environment never hears they are beautiful, they may at first wonder if they are beautiful or not, and this wondering may crystallize itself into them wholeheartedly believing they are not beautiful.

So in my long-winded way, I would say it is not just an aspect, but it could easily be a potential to be molded into thinking you are ugly. Hopefully this makes sense.
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Re: what aspects make you think your ugly?

Post by ltjgvm »

Saturn Venus Conjunction, I have it in my 3rd house in Sagittarius (Libra Rising). Till 26 I used to consider myself unattractive, but my perception has changed as I reach 30.
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