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Good afternoon,

I don't know if it's allowed or not; still I'm posting this site features IF the moderators and administrators will allow it (otherwise, my apologies and please delete it). It's a project of mine. Here's a brief description of it.

This new astro-api is a long-waited tool both for astrologers as for astronomers. The capabilities offered by it goes from:

1) pure simple raw requests to our server for astronomical and/or astrological information (which will be returned in a well formatted Json format and can be manipulated as you will) to

2) an available interface easily integrated in the HTML code of the user homepage (with a few lines of PHP or JavaScript) or

3) simply using a WordPress plugin, that can be called within any theme with a short code. A WordPress free account is given FREE OF CHARGES to the user (which might choose it to host his scripts or for tests purposes) – soon available. Its possibilities are endless and improving.

Here are some of the top features retrieved by the API:

- position of the major celestial bodies and special points - or even stars - in ecliptic and equatorial coordinates, their position on the astrological houses, both in the tropical and sidereal systems.
- general data, like the sun sign, the Julian day, the Delta T, the obliquity of the ecliptic, etc. are also provided.
- automatically know if a body has a dignity, is in a triplicity, term or face.
- the bodies and points include the major planets - namely the demoted Pluto to "dwarf planet" - the stars (with an Henry Drapper valid id number), the moon nodes (Rahu and Ketu), Lilith, the ascendant (and all the house cusps), the Syzygy Ante Nativitatem (pre-natal moon), the main Arabic pars. (Pars Fortunae, Pars Futurorum, Pars Veneris, Pars Mercurii, Pars Saturni, Pars Iovis, Pars Martis, Pars Hyleg - Radix Vitae and Pars Anairetai), and an additional 89 parts.
- in the Hindu system, known immediately the Janman Nakshatra, Pada, Yoga, Karana, Thiti, and the Navagrahas details, in both the Bhava systems, madhya and sandhi. Have the details of the Dashas and Antar dashas.
- In the interface option, get the chart wheel designed along with a table of aspects (along all the information previously mentioned).
- Make your own interpretations (that are saved in a database) and show them or not.

In summary, you control all the process, and have the real ability of offering a first horoscope approach to your users/clients in your own website.

I would like to ask for your appreciation of the project, your possible subscription, the publicity of this new tool (if you find it worthy of it) and, most important, your analysis and critical feedback for improving it. The project is at

Thanks for your time. :wink:

Clear skies.

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