Noel Eastwood's Newsletter - Harpo Marx

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Noel Eastwood's Newsletter - Harpo Marx

Post by admin » Wed May 16, 2018 11:24 am

This is an extract from Noel’s latest Newsletter and I thought to post it so that others might benefit from it.

“As a father and now grandfather, I've always tried to find the best rules for managing a functional home with wild kids. My Capricorn Ascendant wants order and structure, "Rules, we need rules!" My Leo stellium wants "Fun, we need to have manic fun!" My 8th House stellium wants "Quiet, give me space to release the tension I feel after working all day with emotionally distraught people!" So you can see some sort of house rules wouldn't go astray in my world.

I've just finished reading a terrific book, 'Harpo Speaks' by Harpo Marx and Rowland Barber. Harpo, of course, was the silent, horn-honking member of the famous Marx Brothers of the early-mid Twentieth Century Hollywood movie scene. What a great read it was too. I'd like to share his House Rules (page 434, Harpo Speaks, limelight Editions, 1962).

'Life has been created for you to enjoy, but you won't enjoy it unless you pay for it with some good, hard work. This is one price that will never be marked down.

You can work at whatever you want to as long as you want as long as you do it as well as you can, clean up afterwards and you're at the dinner table at mealtimes and in bed at bed time.

Respect what others do. Respect Dad's harp, Mom's paints, Billy's piano, Alex's set of tools, Jimmy's designs, and Minnie's menagerie.

If anything makes you sore , come out with it. Maybe the rest of us are itching for a fight too.

If anything strikes you funny, out with it too. Let's all the rest of us have a laugh.

If you have an impulse to do something you're not sure is right, go ahead and do it. Take a chance. Chances are, if you don't you'll regret it - unless you break the rules about mealtimes or bedtimes, in which case you'll sure as hell regret it.

If it's a question of whether to do what's fun or what is supposed to be good for you, and nobody is hurt by whichever you do, always do what's fun.

If things get too much for you and you feel the whole world's against you, go stand on your head. If you can think of anything crazier to do, do it.

Don't worry about what other people think. The only person in the world important enough to conform to is yourself. Anyone who mistreats a pet or breaks a pool cue is docked a month's pay.'

I'd modify a lot of it to suit my own family and my own personal sense of making a happy home, but it made me think. It reminded me that we are all different, we all have unique needs, our children are as unique as we are. As parents we need to teach about personal boundaries, to teach respect and honourable behaviour, to set limits to behaviours we consider inappropriate. But somewhere there has to be fun, and Harpo certainly makes that point.

Here's his birth data:,_Harpo

Birthname Aldolph (later "Arthur") Marx (Harpo Marx)
born on 23 November 1888 at 02:30 (= 02:30 AM )
Place New York, New York, 40n43, 74w0

I wonder what it says about the mute comedian who had so much to say in his autobiography?

Would anyone like to send me their thoughts on his chart?”


In response to this I thought to look up his biography: and so much in there appears to be well depicted in the chart.

For e.g. his decidedly odd appearance and ‘pantomime tradition’ – Uranus Rising. His visual rather than vocal expressions: Venus in Capricorn in the 3rd, ruling his Libra Asc. to which Venus is square. And perhaps his public ‘muteness’ might well be attributed to Chiron – the Wound - exactly conjunct his Midheaven.

Apparently he was bullied at school/by his peers: Saturn in Leo in the 11th, ruling his IC/4th House, and quincunx Mars in Capricorn in the 4th. Apparently his way ultimately to deal with this was to resort to comedy in a very unusual way (Saturn is sextile his Uranus Rising).

And then there’s his interest in music (Libra Rising), learning to play the harp, which at first he did by playing ‘one basic note and tuning it from there’ (Venus in Capricorn – ‘one note at a time’), but eventually he learned ‘the proper techniques’ – Capricorn again. Sometimes difficult squares can ultimately lead to success which he certainly accomplished.

Note too that “Harpo also took an interest in painting, and a few of his works can be seen in his autobiography. In the book, Marx tells a story about how he tried to paint a nude female model, but froze up because he simply did not know how to paint properly.”, which again describes his Venus in Capricorn square to his Libra Ascendant.

I note in his biography that “he served as a secret courier; delivering communiques to and from the US embassy in Moscow “. Note his Mercury in covert ‘underworld’ Scorpio, ruling his 9th (foreign matters), and his 12th (more ‘behind the scenes’). Mercury is disposited by Pluto in Mercury’s Sign of Gemini, in the 8th and conjunct the 9th.

Meanwhile, his Sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius (Sag. on the 3rd) describes well his philosophy of life as the quotes of his words that Noel has given here, show.

Obviously this is a very simple view of all that is in his chart, and hopefully others will chime in with their thoughts too.

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