Generalized Elements and their compatibility

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Re: Generalized Elements and their compatibility

Post by Morph » Tue Jul 14, 2020 6:35 am

Hi guys, I wanted to chime in. I agree that Lilith should definitely read more books. But I would like to state a few things that may be helpful for analysis.
The commonalities of the water signs are the element and the gender. Likewise with the fire, earth and air signs. They do not however share a modality i.e. cardinal fixed or mutable. That's why everyone goes beserk if they see a grand trine, because it then incorporates the modalities as well as the gender and element.

For your specific question:
Prices - a mutable female water sign has nothing in common with Leo - a fixed male fire sign.

But actually none of that information will help you with your question.

So, you have already mentioned your big 3. So I know that you are a day chart with sun in the 10th whole sign house and your moon in the 3rd whole sign house. Both excellent placements for the luminaries. But particularly Sun at midheaven and moon in the house of the goddess (as that is the moons joy)

The looming question then is - how are your mercury and jupiter placed? As we could see already from the information you have given, when we want to find the strength and functionality of a planet, we look to its ruler and find out if it is well placed. In your chart the moon is in Leo, Leo is ruled by the Sun, and the Sun is very well placed in the 10th whole sign house.
So to find the strength of your ascendant ruler and Sun, I would want to know how well situated mercury is which will either be with the sun in Pisces or in Aquarius or Aries. And then find out Jupiters placement (as the ruler of Pisces) to see how well that Sun in the 10th can perform.

In short. Astrology is such a complex topic. But it's founded on very basic principles. Learn the basics before swimming in too deep. It really is easy to get sucked in too far and get so much information that it becomes overwhelming.

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Re: Generalized Elements and their compatibility

Post by Lilith78 » Tue Jul 28, 2020 7:33 am

For now, I am just my own birthchart as an example to illustrate various points. The main reason I rely on this is somewhat arrogant. The only person who has supported me my entire life is me. Every single second of every day since the day I was born, I have been there. This means, the aspects in my chart make vast sense. Therefore, I am heavily reliant on it as I use examples.

You are right, Roman Astrology is quite complicated. It could easily drown a novice like myself, despite my having a proactive interest for 10 years and storing this interest in a drawer for about 20 years. This complication is part of what keeps me interested, because I know that no matter how much time I devote to researching it, I will probably never know everything there is to know about Roman Astrology.

In the case of Pisces and Leo, you are right they are quite different. One is a Water sign and the other is a Fire sign. They hold nothing in common in this regard. The lack of commonality influences their interaction. Pisces is a feminine sign, just like all the Water signs. Leo is a masculine sign, just like all the Fire signs. This means, Pisces is receptive. Leo is dominant.

Back in Highschool, I would watch Star Trek the Next Generation. One of the episodes, Captain Picard was talking about a civilization that produced a statue in his office. This statue is a bust of a man. He grasped the shoulder of the statue. Then he lifts it up. Inside the statue is a community. The statue is a symbol of the various people that influenced that man. In spirit, those people are a community living inside him. At the time I saw this episode, my life made sense. I could think in terms of the community that lives inside of me. Furthermore, it loans itself well to making sense of Astrology. Each aspect is like one spirit living in us. Those aspects interact and form relationships. In the case of Pisces and Leo, I know there are times when Leo is clearly dominant, and Pisces being receptive just lets Leo be dominant. This is part of the interaction. Now my guess is that if my Sun were in Scorpio, and my Moon is still in Leo, then Scorpio would not nearly be as receptive as Pisces, especially in letting Leo be dominant. Of course, it would also depend on my mood, the time of day, and other factors as to how much I let Leo just be an arrogant jerk that insists getting his way amongst the community living within me.

Putting this in radically different terms, I am also very much into the Chinese Zodiac. In this there are 5 elements, rather than 4. I believe there is cross-over between the Chinese Zodiac and Roman Astrology. It may provide hints as to the interaction between the elements in the signs. For, example, in the Chinese Zodiac, there is a cycle of nurturing and a cycle of destruction. Water nurtures Wood. Wood nurtures Fire. Fire nurtures Earth. Earth nurtures Metal. Metal nurtures Water.

In the case of Fire and Water, they may seem to destroy each other, because in real life water is used to extinguish fire. Yet, in my own case, my emotions grant me strength. Thanks to Pisces, I can feel the emotions of others. When I complete the character profiles, who each personify a person with all their Heavenly Bodies in one sign, I will once again feel a divine presence. My emotions will be fully unlocked. My ability to feel the emotions of others, may be unrivaled by everyone. Leo being a fire sign, uses those emotions as fuel for his passion. This is how Pisces receptiveness makes Leo even more dominant.

I agree, that in the near future, I ought to come up with a graph of how the elements interact. I am also hoping for us to continue this conversation, so when I stop being lazy, the graph will embrace not just my opinionated wisdom. It will also reflect your words of wisdom, too.

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