Planetary aspects

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Planetary aspects

Post by Starman » Wed May 01, 2019 12:20 am

I'm trying to do some research on planetary aspects. All the resources I've looked at define each aspect in term harmony and tension between the planets. Would any seasoned astrologer like to elaborate on the the different aspects beyond the simple harmony and disharmony. Like what specifically differentiates square between two planets and an opposition?

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Re: Planetary aspects

Post by Noel Eastwood » Wed May 01, 2019 9:20 am

Starman that is a good question, planetary aspects are fundamental to performing a clear and concise astrology reading. I hope to publish the next book in my Psychological Astrology series by the end of this month which will help answer this question. It is called 'Psychological Astrology an Introduction'.

However, I also suggest that you read Robert Hand's 'Horoscope Symbols'; Bil Tierney's 'Dynamics of Aspect Analysis'; and Reinhold Ebertin's 'Combination of Stellar Influences'. These books will help you understand ways to perform planetary aspect interpretation.

There is no single interpretation for a planet-planet aspect because it must be read as part of the entire chart. This is why astrology is so complex and why so few students of astrology get past the sun sign columns and pop magazine articles. I always recommend that anyone interested in learning astrology to study the books written by qualified astrologers, these three books are what I believe every astrologer should have in their bookshelf.

To answer your question, for me, a psychological astrologer who has thirty years of experience working as a therapist, planets are archetypes, like people in a community. Each has their personality determined by their zodiac sign, the house they are in and the aspects they form. To know each planet requires a lot of study and meditation to connect directly with that specific archetypal energy form.

For instance, Mars square Venus would normally be considered a difficult aspect. however, if Venus was in Aries and Mars in Libra it would manifest differently because they are in Mutual Reception. They could also be in each other's house, Mars could be in the 7th house and Venus in the 1st. What if Mars was also trine Jupiter and opposed by Pluto as well as square Venus?

This gets complicated because a simple Mars squ Venus denies the complexity and variance of the rest of the chart. To know how to read the variance in your chart you need to read every aspect then take steps backwards to tease out what each planet is 'feeling' and how it interacts with your entire psyche.

The best way to do this is to spend time in study to know the single archetypes and all their permutations such as rulerships, receptions, exaltations, traits and characteristics. Then drop into a medium level of meditation and talk to them. I explain this process in depth in my books if you want to know how to do this properly.

I hope this has helped though I know you would have preferred a clear, simple answer, but sadly there isn't one.

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