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Pluto's Cave Newsletter - Chiron

Post by admin » Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:20 pm

An extract from Noel's latest Newsletter on "Chiron - a wolf in sheep's clothing ?"

"This is probably going to be one of those newsletters that make you go and look at your own Chiron.

First of all Chiron is a Dwarf planet, it was an asteroid but now it's a dwarf. The Solar System has quite a few of them, including Pluto. Those dwarf's beyond Pluto, including Sedna which has an orbital period of 10,000 years, are all somehow connected to our unconscious. Understanding exactly how they impact us takes quite a long time of serious study. They are called 'extra points' until they know what to do with them and how they operate in our psyche.

Chiron was discovered in the mid 1970's and since then we have attempted to combine traits from the Greek myth of Chiron, the centaur king and wounded healer. We do this by observing transits of Chiron to our natal chart and by examining thiousands of charts with Chiron natally aspecting certain points, namely Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun and Moom. These four points are most critical, then we examine his aspects to our inner planets Mercury, Venus and Mars. These 9 points tell us much about these new 'extra points'.

Observation is the old fashioned, tried and true method that astrologers have used since astrology was born.

I live with Chiron conjunct my Ascendant, separating by 3 degrees. If you have read my book, Psychological Astrology and the Twelve Houses you will know how intimately I regard him.

The bottom line with Chiron is that his powerful gifts must be earned. He gifts healing and wisdom, just as it says in Chiron's myth, but first the initiate must undergo the trials of initialtion and they are very personal and very painful. He and Pluto are very similar, both demand the initiate earn the right to their power.

Chiron's wound can be spiritual - a loss of faith, an existential crisis; a physical wound that won't heal; a birth wound that limts the native's life in some fundamental and painful way; psychological issues causing depression and anxiety. Chiron's wound is serious, a strong natal placement shows how serious that wound can be.

On a positive note, Chiron indicates the native's potential as a healer. The wounded healer is best placed to heal others because he or she understands suffering. What does his 'healing' consist of? Look at Chiron's myth and you be the judge - his healing power encompasses every facet of healing, from physical to psychological and even spiritual. Chiron's healing gift has no limits either.

A transiting Chiron is just as serious, he wishes the native to learn something from his 'visit' so he will 'gift' them a wound which will force the native to learn and so move forward along their spiritual path. Lo behold anyone who ignores Chiron's 'gift'.

Finally, an excerpt from my book mentioned above that may better explain why I consider Chiron a wolf in sheep's clothing:

"Your first House is where you connect with the world around you. It is therefore your initial unconscious, impulsive reaction when you are confronted with life events. It shows how you react instinctively and without thought. It is also freedom, the freedom from restraint of a baby forced into this world. It can also indicate your birth experience.

I will relate my own birth experience. I have a Capricorn Ascendant, and just 3º away, in the first House, sits Chiron, the Wounded Healer. My mother told me that it took her three days to give birth to me. Each time she went into labour it would stop. I never gave this much thought, I just didn't want to enter this crazy world, who would?

In my late 20's, I tried a new-age therapy called Rebirthing. I lay on the soft futon, practiced cyclic breathing and went into my unconscious. I found myself holding onto and wrestling with cold steel prison bars. I wanted to get out desperately. I was being squashed. I could feel the contractions squeezing the life out of me. I had to get out, immediately! I felt overheated from the exertion of trying to get through those bars.

My life was being crushed by the contractions. I was very hot, frustrated, I almost panicked, desperate to escape. I knew that I was fighting for my life, if I stayed there, I would die.

That birth experience stayed with me, unconsciously, inside my body, so well hidden that I had no idea it was there. Whenever I felt trapped or had to physically struggle, I would become frustrated, hot, panicky and I would force my way through this invisible barrier to get to the other side regardless of the consequences.

It felt like a matter of life and death. Maybe this is why I have always been so determined to continue to transcend consciousness, to go beyond this physical existence. This is why I take others into their inner world too, beyond consciousness, because I nearly died at childbirth. It is just a theory, but it fits my loaded and powerful 8th House.

One side of Capricorn is his ability to restrain, frustrate, hold back, limit and build tension, this was my birth experience. Chiron has been my teacher, he insisted that this was my wound, I had to experience it, learn from it and use this knowledge to help others. Chiron reveals how close I was to dying, his gift was my psychological wound, and my desire to transcend consciousness

I'm very sure that all will gain much from Noel's first-hand insights into Chiron.

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