Astrological Elements as Defeces

Noel Eastwood is a psychotherapist and astrologer.

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Astrological Elements as Defeces

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Noel Eastwood’s regular “Pluto’s Cave Newsletters” are always fascinating and extremely informative – as those who have signed up to receive them regularly well know. This first of a series on how our defence systems develop and function according to the Sign Element emphasis in a chart is a valuable tool for all who wish to better understand themselves and others. Admin.

"Elements as Defenses

The Elements help explain the connections between physical and psychological health. We develop defenses to protect our very sensitive emotions. They provide the necessary barriers to the harsh realities of the world. Defenses are necessary, but if they become too well developed they become a problem. We tend to withdraw behind these defensive barriers which, unfortunately, prevent us from fully participating in the world around us.

We see defenses in the chart when an Element dominates the chart through the placement of: Planets, Signs, Houses, Ascendant and chart Signature.

Not everyone will have a single dominant Element, often there are two, but we all have defenses. No-one is free of them. We look at Planets in their Elements, the chart Signature, Final Dispositors, House emphasis, Ascendant Element, the Element of the most aspected Planet, Planets conjunct the Luminaries, Planets on the Angles, Planet of High Degree, etc. These points in the chart are the keys that highlight your Elemental dominance and thus your defenses. Defenses also work in closely with Carl Jung’s Complexes and Projections.

Astrologers also examine a chart for Elemental deficits or weaknesses. For instance, when the Air Element is extremely weak it forms complexity in defence formation. An Air deficit may contribute to the native having less intellectual flexibility. This means that the native tends to adapt and use other Elemental modalities to communicate. Deficits need to be considered in context of the entire chart.

Using a holistic approach to health, we can conclude that whatever makes us physically unwell will also make us psychologically unwell. It also suggests that psychological problems will also manifest as physical problems. This simply says: “when we are stressed we get sick”. It forms a cycle.

Our thoughts affect how we feel. In the long term repression in one direction tends to force a weakness in another. For instance, worry can create headaches, but having a headache can make us worry. An example is depression, which can be a product of both physical and psychological ill health.

Earth Dominance in Health

Earth dominant people defend against the insecurity of change by exerting control over their possessions and physical environment. They manage their insecurities by hoarding and collecting, they find comfort in controlling and stabilising their environment. Sameness is comfortable, change is frightening. They struggle against authority figures who try to take control of their possessions or their feelings.

According to Dr Sigmund Freud, the Father of Psychoanalysis, this is the 'Psychosexual' or psychological defence that develops around the time of toilet training. Freud puts this stage at around the time when the child discovers that they can control their flow of urine and faeces. The issue is one of regulating their pleasurable physical experiences.

When the child discovers that they can control their world they also want to want to do the same with their toileting. But no, now an authority figure takes control and claims the product of the child's pleasure, faeces. This can set up a power conflict between authority (mother, father or nanny) and the child.

When someone becomes fixated at this psychosexual stage, the Earth defence becomes a power conflict with anyone in authority who tries to remove the native’s control over their pleasure-giving possessions. This resistance is projected onto the school teacher, police, neighbour and anyone else who tells them what to do and when to do it.

The Earth dominant native is in charge of everything that brings pleasure, be it the toilet, bath, playing with toys or having fun with their friends. As they grow older they control and collect other gratifying things such as money, houses, cars, businesses, partners, lovers, etc.

This Earth dominance can become destructive when they fall in love and start dating. The Earth person starts to oversee the giving and withholding of another crucial product: affection. They do this by controlling their loved one's access to house money, work contacts, schedule , shopping, access to the TV, computer, internet or phone and by limiting their partner's access to their friends and family. This creates a battleground in the marriage and I will often see the loser of this power struggle in my counseling clinic.

Earth strengths include the incredible stamina to work on a task, no matter how challenging it may be. Think of those postmen who set out to do their job be it rain, hail or sunshine. When something involves perseverance, it is those with a strong Earth Element who will stick till it's done. They are reliable, resourceful and dependable in their desire to complete a task with maximum efficiency.

Earth dominance is seen with the Luminaries in Earth Signs or Houses (2nd, 6th and 10th), and strongly placed Venus (particularly in Taurus), Saturn and Mercury (particularly in Virgo). For psychologists and counsellors, a Planetary Stellium in an Earth House will help you examine this defence fixations in therapy.

Other points to look for in an Earth dominance are aspects, particularly Conjunctions, to the Luminaries Sun and Moon. For instance, Mercury conjunct Moon in Virgo will give an earthy emotional reaction. Saturn conjunct Sun or Moon is an extremely earthing Conjunction that could build and strengthen self esteem.

Earth Planets on the Angles, such as Saturn conjunct the Ascendant, are extremely powerful. So too is Saturn in an Earth House (2nd, 6th or 10th House). Difficulties can arise with Venus and Mercury, as they play a dual role in astrological rulerships. Venus rules both Taurus (is passive in Earth Signs) and Libra (is active in Air Signs). Mercury rules both Gemini (is active in Air Signs) and Virgo (is passive in Earth Signs). We would look at the whole chart to see if these Planets are in an active or passive state when determining Elemental dominance.

Saturn is the earthiest of the Planets He rules Capricorn and as such is extremely domineering and controlling of all our Earthly pleasures. Saturn may not enjoy them but he certainly will control them.

We also look for Stelliums in Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) and in Earth Houses (2nd, 6th and 10th). A Grand Cross is considered to be an Earth Planetary pattern. It has the power to contain and control the urges and instincts of the native. It is like a castle, complete with moat and walls and helps the native control the external stressors from penetrating their softer emotional centre. But it might also stop them enjoying a lot of the pleasures and freedom of being in love or just participating in the fun of life.

In regards to health issues, hoarding can lead to a buildup of toxins in the body. 'Constipation' is a health term we can substitute for 'Hoarding'. Problems arise when food is held in the intestines for too long, a result of the earthy impulse to ‘hold on’, a form of control. Earth Signs learn that they can help remove these toxins by sharing their belongings and emotions, a good diet and some exercise.

Another facet of Earth is skeletal structure and teeth. We would try to identify the powerful Elements of Saturn and Capricorn here. Saturn however, is not always a sure-fire Significator for skeletal or tooth problems, so we would have to consider a Stellium in Capricorn and/or the 10th House. Stating that someone will have problems in this area because of a poorly aspected Saturn is way too general. That’s why we always have a look at other factors.

I would consider a poorly placed Saturn and a Stellium in the 10th House or Capricorn, for bone issues, only if the native is pregnant, seeking to fall pregnant or already have weak bones. We try to advise wisely without frightening people, so people susceptible to breaks and osteoporosis can be warned appropriately.

My earthy friend, Laurie, who has a strong Earth emphasis in his chart, came home broken in body and spirit at the end of the war. After a lifetime of self-abuse, cigarettes, alcohol and shattered self-esteem, he was ready for the morgue. But Laurie was tough, he wouldn’t let lymphatic cancer, pacemaker, nil circulation in his legs, skin cancers, blocked arteries in his neck and a stroke (not to mention the numerous panic attacks and tropical diseases) stop him from living.

On one of his down days Laurie read Ross Horne’s book, ‘Improving on Pritikin’. He decided to give it a go, it couldn't harm him, he was already dying. Eating only fruit for the next two and a half years gave him back his life: his cancers disappeared; he had no need for his pacemaker; fresh blood circulated freely in his legs; he had no need for blood pressure tablets; he was free of the anxiety and the dark depths of depression that had plagued him since 1945.

Laurie was a living legend and demonstrated the healing power of raw fruit, vegetables and solid determination. I was honoured to have been there to assist in his psychological healing. He died at the ripe age of 82 years.

In summary: health problems can arise with an emphasis on Earth Planets, Signs and Houses. Look for 2nd, 6th or 10th House emphasis or Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. Also consider Mercury, Venus and Saturn especially when the first two shared Planets are in Earth Signs. Saturn is the strongest of the Earth Planets and is the best indicator of control, domination, power struggles and toxaemia.

Excerpted from: 'Astrology of Health: physical and psychological health in the natal and progressed chart' – 2016”
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Re: Astrological Elements as Defeces

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Great article, thanks for sharing.
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