horary question

Electional astrology is utilized in choosing the most appropriate time to begin something. The intent is to achieve a successful outcome, and the rules applied are very specifically set toward that end.
An Horary chart is used to answer a question about a particular matter or issue and is set up for the time the question comes to mind or is asked.
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horary question

Post by uranus » Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:37 pm

I asked a question to the universe, some time ago, because I have no idea of my birth time, I asked the universe to indicate or tell me the time.

The chart was caste 2/feb/2017 time 13;43;23 (GMT) 53N49 2W19.

I believe, I received an answer, but I am a horary student, and would like to verify with the professionals, or those with more experience.
I believe the chart is radical.
Jupiter day and hour, moon in the 9th, moon rising,(I was born in a different country to my present location).

I hope you can help, look forward to your response.

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Re: horary question

Post by admin » Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:42 am

Hi uranus,

Nothing more frustrating for an astrologer that not knowing one's time of birth ! Figuring out the precise birth time during a 24 hour period is inevitably extremely difficult - just to state the obvious.

I have to say that I'm not an expert in Horary matters, though I do have some experience with them. But I'm not very confident that Horary Astrology alone will suffice in such a matter - although it can help to clarify the issue. (I did once have my birth time corrected by a very experienced Horary Astrologer, but unfortunately it turned out to be completely wrong...sigh).

In my experience, in order to do a proper chart rectification, much more data is needed. For example, the dates of major life events (and I do mean Major events). And of course much more such as main interests, family experiences, and so on.

If you care to give your date and place of birth (preferably not just the co-ordinates as that makes it too hard to find - closest I could get to those you gave for the Horary Chart was the nearest city, which isn't precise enough). And also some of relevant 'events' I mentioned, then perhaps I can assist you. In this way, and as I said before, the Horary Chart might help to clarify the matter.

If you would like me to try to assist you with this but prefer to keep your birth data private, then you can, if you wish, 'pm' me with the data.

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