Numbers dream

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Numbers dream

Post by DoubleD » Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:38 pm

Hi I'm Josefina.. I have been recently dreaming of some numbers and I wonder if there are equivalent meaning about it. Now reading more about numerology trying to figure it out.

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Re: Numbers dream

Post by astro_mania » Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:17 am

I am astromania.
Actually dreams are more powerful than being just numbers. Most certainty they are reffeing to some form of destiny. Actually, a number has many meanings and links to many things. The most relavent things are most personal. So, please don't expect someone to have total capacity to explain dreams. However, the numbers appearing most possibly refer to the path you need to carefully tread, but must follow.
With regards

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Re: Numbers dream

Post by Taurus128 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 2:55 am

Oh wow, so interesting! I've also been having dreams about the number eleven...

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Re: Numbers dream

Post by VyriVoyant » Thu Nov 15, 2018 7:53 am


Right now the planet Neptune (dreams) is dignified in his sign Pisces whom astrologically reads; according to the C.C.Zain Brotherhood of Light teachings, indication of a very creative phase you may be in or going into, or being challenged to accomplish. '11' is some say a Master achiever form, it deals with the double (Mercury is 1; thoughts direct-and must be guided with care to accomplish proper growth for our spiritual mirror in the heavens) ackhasic spirit, 'as above so below', of our physical origin, our spiritual goals needs be a reassessment? Take time to nurture the self healing remedies of 'ying and yang', (positive rather than too much negation or negative feedback that depresses you to halt activity to be able to progress at the present pursuits about your hand, have faith in your efforts) for Neptune deals with the ethereal balances which keep our mental wellness in tip top shape to be able to continue good health regime-results, in other words, don't give up the ship eat healthy if you are not presently.

Additionally nebulous individuals with pie in the sky temptings may come into your life and take you by surprize, don't be mislead by erroneous thoughts from those who see your real potential and take advantage of your good nature to invest in one scheme or another, Keep your helm steady and with the proper goals laid out for you to follow-your course will be true to success in the situations you find yourself in now.

Where is your Pisces and Neptune (Jupiter) in your natal chart? The letters C-K- (consider the letter ref.L & H Pisces/Jupiter/with-7 Z =Sagittarius) are given to reflect the Hebrew Spiritual Word for Neptune by Brotherhood of ref. 'Caph.' The word in Mason relates to ethers, the sea, our capacity to give to one another the fruits of our work, creative brotherly spiritual love (Jupiter & Neptune) just to name a few expansive elements of the Planet Neptune and the word representing Neptune.

Pisces & Sagittarius are signs (HC-domains) that guide their ambassadors to placements that give you a clue in what area to be circumspect with Neptune vibes, ideals, energy and circumstance. (double '11' good or double trouble warnings) consider Jupiter area additionally.

I wish to see your chart. Am a neophyte newbie relatively to the forum here, do they allow you to post charts?

All the best
Sincerely Vyri

P.S. '11' could reflect another quality I refer to as existentialism, or extenuation vibratory rate that deals with ''possibly" an underlying higher psychology-the origin (spirit awareness) to direct us to be able to think outside the box of normal metaphysical-astrology number energy awareness-analysis, revealing an 'uncommon' approach to take that could direct us to a higher potential of achievement should we understand the elements-to help us to progress towards a positive event that could enter our lives upon that higher vibratory understanding, should we heed it calling.

'11' has a core value' it is the spirit or median (heart) of a form, it directs our the heart beats we live to accomplish. That core times the next form of the number of its creation gives us a glimpse of our highest reason of a futuristic potential not only on a material plattform, but in our psychology-a spiritual investment should we be able to tackle the demands of its energy the number suggests.

So then...half of 11 is 5.5 a Jupiter energy, we now know that Jupiter is the heart of 'why' Neptune appeared or 11 in your dream. Jupiter is the higher octave (bright enthusiastic, expansive) rather than Neptune which could be depressive in so many ways, in our lives, a source of our 'self-undong.' Multiplying 5.5 (a double Jupiter approach) we behold the form of 66 (double Venus). Perhaps we are overindulging (Venus) in our Neptune pursuits. Maybe a romance is about to burgeon in your life. It could relate to your spouse needing your attention, for the number of a personal Kabal process I have used, utilizes the Tarot Card of Capricorn/Taurus, Saturn/Venus; Solid creative effort must be striven for to realize or fate, (Saturn) in love pursuits (Venus). Family figures (parents) to the fore, Father issues, heads of state, the Father's standing in your household etc. How is the foundation (fixings) of your house or home fairing these days (Saturn).

The Card itself speaks of 'Work efforts' that need to be reflected on to acumen producing results that are satisfactory. Are you bored in a present work situation and are thinking of changing your career?

All the best
Your friend in Astrology..Kabal
Look into the Brotherhood of Light series they teach Hermetic process' to overcome our present 'number' value if discordant.
P.P.S...please excuse my run-on sentences or any syntax won't you, thank you.

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