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Re: Numerology with me

Post by astro_mania » Fri Nov 13, 2020 11:59 pm

Friends, in my continuous jorney in study of numbers, I have come across many intriguing questions. Many of them remain unanswered until somehow fate decides to answer them. One such question is, "if we are born with a number and supposed to follow it our whole life, why does it show up in our life so confusing ways? "
Yes, I got an answer. At least this is my answer and you are free to disagree. But this is how I answer.
We are certainty born with a number. It is our driving force. It is the path which we are taking. But the question is, how we ended up in this path? It could not be explained unless we link it to our past lives. Our souls, from their uncountable past lives, bear the marks and their burdens. The number you are given now is a chance to better yourself in this lifetime and make yourself free from burdens. Then, it is natural that you pass through alll the positive as well as negative points testing your grit on your will to freedom. This path, if used positively, can take you to your goals, if you are not misled by your past.
This is only my view, my take on the question.
with regards

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