What is this Combination? Satanic?

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What is this Combination? Satanic?

Post by MElodyflows » Tue Jan 07, 2020 8:26 pm


I chanced upon this lady boss of a Fengshui shop in Chinatown area and she calculated my numerology.
My birthdate is 10 Sep 1994, thus my life path is ending with 1,5 and 6.
Based on what she explained to me that day, it seems like a good and bad thing.

The lady boss told me to be careful of my words as they will come true.
If I decide to leave a business, I should never speak ill of the business such as folding down or equivalents as it would really wind down.

Recently, I have another friend that claimed to have taken a certification for numerology.
I asked her what is the meaning of combination 1,5,6. The first respond was 'Satanic'.

I am really curious. Is 156 really a Satanic combination?
Please enlighten me!!

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Re: What is this Combination? Satanic?

Post by astro_mania » Fri Jan 17, 2020 6:11 pm

First let me congratulate you on being a believer. There are many terms in Numerology which are used loosely and in general. But, as you see them, you can see that they effect more personally actually than they should.
In reality, there are no bad or good numbers or no good or bad combination. All the logic behind numerology is simply to put you in right track and correct you when you are in wrong track. It doesn't change destiny. It allows you to change yourself.
The combination 156, in my view is not all that satanic. 1 the leader, 5 the communicator and 6 the lover are together creating 12 which is a sacrificer. That does not mean you always need to sacrifice. It means that if your communication is not in controlled manner, more often it leads to mis-adventures.
Just keep in mind, apart from the numbers mentioned above, so many others are effecting you and keep effecting and those numbers keep changing, so ultimately if you decide to use the numbers positively, they will be positive. That's the greatness of numerology for the wise.
with regards
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