Please do a reading for me.

For those who require Tarot readings or information on this subject.

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Please do a reading for me.

Post by veerasesha » Mon May 29, 2017 10:57 pm

Dear, my respects. I would like to know what life has instore for me. I used to be lonely growing up and still remains same. It is very difficult to connect with any one in normal relation sense. I growing dissatisfied with things and many times feel like leaving everything and become a wanderer. I am not sure what for iam in this world. This is not out of depression iam saying, but a quest to understand who iam. Iam 38 now, married and have 2 kids. Family but still I feel like iam a prisoner wanting to fly.
If some one could help me find meaning to my life through tarot, I would be grateful.
Thank you

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