Celtic and Timing Spreads

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Celtic and Timing Spreads

Post by Lilith78 » Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:40 am

Dear Everyone,

As I become more aware of the inner workings of Tarot, I may offer more services than I do right now. I am only currently able to use two different spreads well. These spreads are the Celtic Cross Spread and the Timing Spread. I know there is at least one person out there that has gained a good enough understanding of at least the Celtic Cross Spread to include a key feature. This feature is looking at a certain card in the past, present, or future position and being able to tell when the card will occur. For the smart alecs out there, merely being able to tell if something happens before or after something else is not exactly telling when it will occur. For example, I know a car was invented after a horse drawn buggy. This does not mean I know when a car was invented. I was only able to tell when in a chain of events it happened. There is a way of not only knowing the relationship this event happened with another event, but actually being able to recite the date.

In the case of the Celtic Cross, I would love it if I could say something would happen precisely on a certain date, at a certain hour, and especially the minute and second of the event. The main reason I would love to know to such precision is that I would be a very noteworthy predictor of events. However, being able to tell down to the hour, minute, and second is only useful for marketing purposes, and that is not why I consult the Tarot. So, would anyone recommend a resource for being able to look at a specific card and being able to tell the month and day from that card. For example, I believe one card represents Leo. This card also represents the same dates that the Sun enters and exits Leo. If I remember right, there is one Major Arcana that represents Leo, but I believe an elemental card does as well. It may be the King of Wands in certain decks, and the King of Fire in my deck. Would someone confirm this for me?

Thank you,


P.S. The main reason I want to know this is so I can do a better job of serving you here in this forum by adding depth to my Tarot readings.

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