If You Like Reading Tarot...

For those who require Tarot readings or information on this subject.

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If You Like Reading Tarot...

Post by 1nluv » Fri May 22, 2020 1:17 am

...please feel free to jump in with a reading!

First of all, welcome to all new forum members :D And welcome back if you're not so new :D

As the forum continues to grow, so do the number of reading requests. If you like reading tarot and would like to hone your skill, even if you're just getting started in learning tarot, I would like to invite you to jump in and answer questions. Don't be shy :oops: And if you're an experienced reader, I would love to see you here on the board as well!

You can do so by answering threads that haven't yet received a reply, or by starting your own thread offering readings.

Thank you!

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