Offering Tarot readings in exchange for Synastry help

The person who was giving free Tarot readings is no longer available. Should anyone capable. willing and wishing to take over the role, please do so. (N0 ads for own site allowed until efforts here have proven their ability and wish to help others freely).
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Offering Tarot readings in exchange for Synastry help

Post by Zhe » Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:32 pm

While I don't yet like to offer my interpretations of the meaning behind cards pulled for those other than myself, I do have quite a knack for pulling the very cards to get at the core of a situation, and have given a few off-the-cuff yet life-changing Tarot readings to friends.

If anyone would like, I'm happy to pull a few cards for any questions one might have - just supply your query & first name, date & general location of birth, and if you'd like, a link to a photo of your face where your eyes are clearly seen. I can offer my opinion on the meaning of the reading, but ultimately your own intuition will guide you more than I can. If you'd rather just reply here, I can post the reading publicaly.

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