Should I wear rudrakshas?

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Should I wear rudrakshas?

Post by garvind25 » Wed Sep 15, 2021 3:00 am


I had a query on Rudrakshas and request someone to guide me.

I am facing a difficult phase of life. I am unmarried and unemployed for the past three years. Someone told me that I can use rudrakshas to my benefit. The person advised me to wear rudrakshas for Sun, Shukra and Shani (to pacify the lords of sixth, eight and twelfth houses in my lagna chart). In your opinion, is this going to help? I am already wearing a Yellow Sapphire (pokhraj) in my right hand index finger and a Red Coral (moonga) in locket.

My details are:

DOB: 6-March-1983; POB: Durgapur, W.B., India; TOB: 7:05 AM

I look forward to your kind response.

Thanks and regards,
Arvind Gupta

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