Can I wear a Khooni Neelam?

Please do not give advice here unless you are well-versed in this area.
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Can I wear a Khooni Neelam?

Post by Cooshal » Sun Sep 27, 2020 3:26 pm

Name: Bhaskar Maitra
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Place : Kolkata

I want to wear a Khooni Neelam. Can I wear it? What should be the rati and in which finger should I wear?

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Re: Can I wear a Khooni Neelam?

Post by luffy » Fri Dec 25, 2020 3:21 pm

I wouldn't suggest you to so.
as per your lagna chart you're an scorpion and you lagna lord is mars.
Saturn is a genral malefics for scorpion asc also sautrn isin 10th house, house of leo which is and enemy sign here and repersent your carrer, alongsite Jupiter and Rahu.
here saturn is aspected buy 12th 7th and 4th house with ketu.
Neelam is a cold stone and your lagna lord is hot as well not in good relationship with saturn. saturn is placed in an enemy house as well. it will not yeild the desired result.
In a nutshell it can create a lot of hurdules in your carrer

Gemstones are said to amplify good and decrease the bad effect of the planet however, neelam work in mystrious ways just like the owner saturn who is deciplined and teach the same neelam resonates with those who already have the characteristics of saturn like hard work dedication, practicality patience and more and doesn't actually rely on gems but on karma since saturn is lord of karma.
mars is a rough planet and tend to have less patience if you wear Neelam it will simply not suit your personality like mars quickly and rashly wants gains and neelam teaches patience so it is polar opposite and will hurdules to teach patience.
I also want to point out it's not beneficial as per the moon chart too

but the call is yours.

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