When will I get job?

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Re: When will I get job?

Post by Buddy » Sun Oct 18, 2020 5:26 pm


Taking 3:00 AM as your birth-time and using "True Lahiri/Chitrapaksha" ayanamsa, it looks like you've started Ketu Maha-Dasha in November 2019 and currently in Venus/Shukra (Yogakaraka) Antara-Dasha since March 2020, until May 2021. Hence holding a temporary and seemingly unstable job. Subsequent Antara-Dasha of Sun/Ravi, starting May 2021 until mid October 2021 is not going be a favorable time. So, it would make sense to exercise caution/patience and bide your time for things to get better. For the records, Ketu Maha-Dasha will be a bit challenging.

Please factor in Desha-Kaala-Patra to understand the unfolding of fate/destiny and Karma aspects.

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