please help me to find the best way in my life

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please help me to find the best way in my life

Post by ladyrain1995 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 3:43 am

hellô, I interested in vedic astrology last year to find my own way of life but still I’m not sure about my judgments…dear astrologers plz help me to find my skills, profession and the way I should go to be successful and happy,i wanted to become an artist or a writer but i haven’t enough confidence in art and everything is unclear for me so pls help me to find a good way for myself and find a good job,thank u :(

this is my birth chart

11 jul 1995
bandar abbas,iran


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Re: please help me to find the best way in my life

Post by deepastro » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:44 pm


You see Miss Ladyrain you are so confused at moment that you haven't even asked your question clearly. You have Mercury, Venus and Sun placed in 9th house and 3rd house has moon which shows artistic ability and interest towards music, dance, astrology, natural medicine, poetry,classical music this combination also shows affair with neighbours,
but currently under dasha of Sun-Rahu creating a problem in thinking process, Secondly Rahu and mandi in lagna gives split personality and all round confusion.
Can you please confirm you have any plant in your house in SW corner which has medicinal properties.
Thanks and Regards
Deepanshu Giri

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