Election Day 3 Nov. 2020

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Election Day 3 Nov. 2020

Post by admin » Wed Nov 04, 2020 10:27 am

From: https://spaceweather.com/

"...ANOTHER BIG SUNSPOT: A new sunspot group is rotating into view over the sun's southeastern limb--and it's a big one. At least three dark cores the size of Earth are inset in [a] magnetic map from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

The +/- polarity of the sunspot group marks it as a member of Solar Cycle 25...Almost every sunspot this year has belonged to the new solar cycle. Solar Cycle 25 is taking a firm hold on the sun.

Earlier today (Nov. 3rd at 0703 UT) the sunspot produced a minor C1-class solar flare. A pulse of UV radiation from the flare briefly ionized Earth's upper atmosphere, causing a low-frequency radio blackout over the Indian Ocean: map. Mariners and ham radio operators in the area may have noticed unusual propagation effects at frequencies below ~5 MHz.

"The sunspot looks menacing," ...

This sunspot, if it holds itself together, will face Earth for the next two weeks as it rotates across the face of the sun, potentially setting the stage for a sustained stretch of solar activity..."

"Letting there be room for not knowing is the most important thing of all. When there’s a big disappointment, we don’t know if that’s the end of the story. It may just be the beginning of a great adventure". Pema.

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