Solar return (I need help)

Describes the energies and areas according to the moment the Sun returns to its exact natal position as it recurs in the current year, and in the current location.
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Solar return (I need help)

Post by Vale333 » Sat Oct 22, 2016 9:43 am

Hii everybody!!

May 24, 1993

So, I have one little problem. I don't know much about astrology but I'm pretty sure that my Solar return chart (and my next year of life) is ... let's say interesting. I would like if someone helped me out by reading this chart.Thank you in advance.
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Re: Solar return (I need help)

Post by admin » Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:05 pm

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Hi Vale, welcome and thank you for posting your SR chart here.

With the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus and Venus all in the 12th, the 2017 SR suggests that you will surely need some time to yourself during that period, and this you have natally to some extent with your Moon in Cancer in the 12th, so this need to have ‘alone times’ is not new to you. However, as with your natal Leo rising with Sun in the ‘social’ 11th, and Mars in Leo rising, and also your natal Venus in Aries conj. the Midheaven, the SR gives similar urges to communicate and get out there in the world, also indicated in the SR where Gemini and Mars are rising. This might present a bit of an inner conflict as you are being pushed to go more into your inner world and you may find that this occurs despite your wishes to get out there in the world, which SR Gemini/Mars rising wants to do.

You may find that in fact you want and need periods of seclusion as you may become overwhelmed in or by society/social groups (SR Neptune and Chiron in Pisces in the 11th). And, depending on the work you do and the subjects in which you are interested, you may find yourself in demand by others who need your help, so you might need to be careful of giving too much, in which case you’ll need to ‘draw the line’ somewhere. (Both your natal Mars and the SR Mars will help you do this I feel).

You might well consider a different career, which will depend of course, on what it is you are currently doing in that area, and which may change quite radically during the coming months with transiting Pluto coming to the square to your Midheaven/IC (4th House) and Venus. This perhaps too, may well involve changing your home and moving to quite a different place. But with Mars Rising, you’ll need to be careful of making rash decisions in this and in all matters as this and your natal Leo rising strongly desires independence and freedom, also reflected by SR Mars in sextile to SR Uranus.

This is of course, a very limited and general overview as it isn’t possible to go into it in depth, not least of all because so much depends on your whole life (so far), and also on the way in which you handle all that will be going on between now and next year.

I would add that I’ve found that many parts of SR charts can be felt prior to the actual event, even gradually creeping in at the start of the year in which they occur. Presumably you’ve looked at your SR for this year (2016/2017) so, what have you found in that chart that’s relevant to your life and to this current SR year ?

Also, it’s important to look at current transits, especially the long-term influences of the slower moving planets such as Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and to see how they have and are unfolding in their house positions and aspects to natal planets. (I’ve posted the ‘bi-wheel’ of your Natal and SR chart, which may help you to look further at this yourself).

Hope this helps and if you have any further questions I’ll try to assist.

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