Solar Return 8th house & 12th house stellium

Describes the energies and areas according to the moment the Sun returns to its exact natal position as it recurs in the current year, and in the current location.
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Solar Return 8th house & 12th house stellium

Post by Allyabba » Tue Apr 14, 2020 11:21 am

Hey y’all,

I just started studying solar returns because my birthday is coming up on May 17. I’m slightly nervous because I have stelliums in my 8th and 12th house. I’m not too sure what it all means can someone help interpret this? I’m in a committed relationship. I trust him and we both take our relationship seriously. but with venus in the 12th house I’m slightly nervous. for some reason I keep having reoccurring dreams that I cheat on my boyfriend which is something I’d never do, but maybe it’s just because of this transit that’s coming up? What does it all mean 🙃🙃
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