good year?

Describes the energies and areas according to the moment the Sun returns to its exact natal position as it recurs in the current year, and in the current location.
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good year?

Post by random name » Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:07 pm

I am trying to figure out the solar return chart of a friend of mine. I am not confident in my skills yet so I am looking for help here.
I think he may travel long distance this year, but I am not sure what for - business maybe?
Also, for some reason I think he may meet a person on that trip, someone who he may up being married to?
I see some success.
Also, I think he may have lots of fun in regards to parties, celebrations, sex (something very kinky and experimentional).
Anyone please look into career and love area and see if I am right? Anything else that catches you eye please do share. Thank you.

I attached the screenshot of the chart, but please PM me for giving out his DOB , location and other details.
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Re: good year?

Post by admin » Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:58 am

Hi random name,

I do like to look at the Natal transits first, and immediately you can see that there is much going on in the 2nd House (finances, values and self-worth). Here transiting Pluto opposes his 8th House Moon, and transiting Saturn is crossing his (intercepted) Uranus, Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn. So he is right in the middle of his ‘Saturn Return’ – a major turning point in all our lives at the age of 29/30.

Also, transiting Saturn will be square his Venus on the cusp of his 11th/friends/social groups in late Dec. This suggests difficulties with friends, or separations with friends or peer groups – which the Saturn Return can also signify.

Transiting Uranus (retrograde now) is in his 5th currently quincunx his Mercury and trine his natal Uranus which suggests too the urge and impetus for change, though perhaps out of unrest or the need to seek new horizons.

Meanwhile, transiting Jupiter will be leaving his 12th House and entering his Asc. in Oct. when he may feel the ‘itch’ or the urge to escape all of these heavier planetary transits and to travel. And Jupiter will square his Sun in the 9th and ruling the 9th, so ‘distant shores’ beckon. And add to all of this, in his Progressed chart, Mercury/Sun and Mars are all in conjunction toward the end of the P. 9th, with Mercury ruling the Prog. 9th.

Are you beginning to wish you hadn’t asked ? I hope not and really this, apart from at least knowing your friend and his transits, is just a way of looking a bit deeper into what’s underlying the Solar Return and can perhaps give a few more clues as to what the SR might indicate or mean to him.

It is interesting to note that this particular SR has very similar House cusps to his natal chart. And I can see why you thought that ‘parties’ etc. might be be part of this Solar year, and certainly too, travel that maybe connected with work/business as Mercury is in the 9th ruling the 10th there; and there is much emphasis on the 2nd so ‘earning power’/business is very likely involved, as you had figured. Also, the Natal Sun is in the SR 9th, emphasising the possibility of travel.

I agree too that in travelling afar he may meet someone with whom he may well have at least a close relationship romantically, though whether it’s marriage, I’m not sure. And that’s because Uranus in the 5th is up for all sorts of romantic and/or party/sexual experiments.

What would you think of that exact Moon/Neptune conjunction virtually conjunct the 4th House cusp, given that it’s trine Jupiter in the 12th, and bearing in mind that Neptune/Jupiter are co-rulers of the 4th ? Worth thinking too about SR Pluto sextile to both SR Moon/Neptune and Jupiter.

Actually for this person, this is a Number ‘1’ year, and the beginning of a whole new cycle, which tallies really well with his Saturn Return too.

Truth is, you pretty much nailed it...which shows how sometimes it’s better not to be overloaded with all of this extra ‘stuff’.

Nonetheless, hope that helps in some way.

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