thank you for your help !!

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thank you for your help !!

Post by saby » Sat Nov 03, 2018 4:53 am

Hi, first of all thank you for your help!! I'm Sabina, writing from Italy... I was born November 23 1971, at 01:50 a.m. in Conegliano, Veneto, Italy...
I really want to do something to solve some issues with debts that keep going on and on in my life... no matter how much and how hard I work I keep my self in debt ... right now I have a little job, but its not enough... I'm trying to improve my spiritual awakening and I'm getting very into astrology...
It helped me a lot getting to know my self a little bit better...
There's so much more about this, though ... It seems to me that my debts are only the material manifestation of a deeper wound... but again I do not know... I feel so confused and can't get my b... to work... Could you help me with some of your wise suggestions.
Thanks so much ,

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Re: thank you for your help !!

Post by Noel Eastwood » Tue Nov 06, 2018 10:40 am

Hi Saby, I can see that you are quite intense and passionate about life. In fact you have a very strong spiritual bent so it is good that you are on this path. You have a great ability to converse and communicate and you need to know things. You are not satisfied with the surface, you must go deeply into whatever it is you are studying.

Your problem though is that you worry and get upset at small, little annoyances. You may want to learn to practice a moving meditation form, like yoga or tai chi. This would be suitable to help you calm your busy and sometimes racing mind.

You have a lot of Fire and need to express it creatively by writing, artwork and acting which are just right, as is any movement to music, dance.

I think that making money isn't necessarily hard for you, but you need to find what it is that you are passionate about. You also need to find work doing anything that pays. If you could combine the two great, but money comes first, no money + no home + no food = no fun.

You tend to spend on anything that takes your fancy, you'll need to develop the ability to halt your spending. Stop looking at pretty things, don't window shop, avoid going to the markets - just focus on spending on what is of value. Finding your personal value is part of your spiritual quest, value your journey more than glittering, sparkling things that take your fancy.

I like you, you've got a great chart that has plenty of challenges yet plenty of avenues to express yourself and overcome those challenges. Just focus, make a plan, set daIly / weekly and monthly goals - and get moving.

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