Issues with anger, sensitivity & self obsession.

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Be water my friend
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Issues with anger, sensitivity & self obsession.

Post by Be water my friend » Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:40 am

I have a very non conformist attitude, free thinking but i can be hell to talk to as i will put forwards facts leaving no room for small talk. Small talk for whatever reason is a very boring thing to me, and i do not understand at all what is so great about it, as it creates a new layer that i for some reason deem as time wasting, boring & non progressive.
I tend to build emotions instead of allowing them out all the time which can cause me to explode at something that was trivial.
I have some past hurt & things i still need to get over and i am doing that, but i think i need to forgive those who have hurt me and learn to move on which i feel will come sooner than later because i am tired. This anger, frustration & obsessive behaviour has big implications on the energy levels of a person if not properly dealt with.
I have broken up with my partner of 1 year who is a Leo but we have great synastry together except her Saturn squaring my Moon & Mars, we have split in a civil fashion & kept ourselves level headed, no hard feelings and are functioning fine as friends.
If i delve deeper into myself in words i tend to lose myself and become a bit too self obsessed forcing everyone to listen without input because i feel outsiders colour what is and what was so i will not be doing that.

I am asking here what is my best approach? i feel i need to go to the people who hurt me and face them and find out what went on, create a bond & create harmony within myself and that it's ok to let go now.

Am i thinking straight?


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Noel Eastwood
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Re: Issues with anger, sensitivity & self obsession.

Post by Noel Eastwood » Thu Oct 25, 2018 7:21 am

Water, that is a good attitude and it shows you have some insights into yourself.

Unfortunately your chart has disappeared, can you please send me a PM with your birth details and I'll place it up for you.

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