Have a few questions about chart

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Have a few questions about chart

Post by Voidstranger » Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:17 pm

Hi all. First of all I am sorry about my English, I hope you can understand this text. Also I understand, that you are busy persons and I will try to not use much of your time and be accurate as much as possible.
So after some interesting recent events I decided to build my natal chart. Like most of the people I know only basic astrological things like Sun Sign. So I googled some sites with automatic interpretations for natal chart and now I have some questions.

1) Many interpretations are obviously opposite to each other. For example, Sun in Aries interpretation and Moon in Cancer are obviously opposite. Mars in Cancer and Mercury in Aries are opposite too. I simply can't "blend" them into one interpretation.
2) I have some fears about Sun in 8th house. On many websites Sun in 8th House means grim, dark, death-related fate. Is it bad so much? On other websites "strong" Sun (in Leo Sign or Aries Sign) in 8th House isn't so bad. Which interpretation is most accurate?
3) Can you point me and some "key" events and my life and love interests, please?

I am male. Birthdate and time 19/04/1991 15:15. Birthplace: Ukraine, city - Kharkiv (or Kharkov).
Thank you!
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Re: Have a few questions about chart

Post by MRD » Tue Feb 19, 2019 12:30 am

Hello Voidstranger,

Thanks for uploading your birth chart image here.
I will share with you some words, regarding to your queries.

1. Your Sun-Mercury in Aries are not opposite to your Moon-Mars in Cancer. I understand that what you mean is that they are "very different", but they are not opposite. Planets in opposition are placed in signs that are directly opposing to the other (for example, your Mars in Cancer is opposite to your Uranus in Capricorn). Your Sun-Mercury in Aries are in square to your Moon-Mars in Cancer, and this represents the friction between courage and fear, between adventure and feeling safe. You probably drift between the two things, with some situations where you feel very fearless and impulsive, but some others hold you back. Nevertheless, you are a romantic person, you dream and you have a very creative mind and a proactive approach (Jupiter in Leo). You are also very sensitive and caring with your loved ones. But you are also defensive, even when you are not being attacked. Keep this in mind.

2. You should not be afraid of the 8th house. Your Sun-Mercury are not "in danger" in the 8th house. By this placement, you must understand your ability to transform situations, to evolve, to destroy and re-create things, and to morph. With the Sun in Aries in this placement, you have the ability to overcome difficulties and to create new beginnings from them. There is a special thrill when you feel the gut that something is going to change, and action is coming.

3. I won't point "key events" in your life. For that, you should better consult with a professional astrologer. But I can tell you that you are dreamy, romantic and you can have ideals about your partner. In general, you are better with a sensitive person, with whom to grow and learn together, to support each other, a person who enjoys arts, music and nature, and a person who is passionate about life and the magic of the universe. The person must be capable of exploring and doing activities with you. Being active is a key part of your life.

Kind regards,


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Re: Have a few questions about chart

Post by Liveandletlive » Fri Feb 22, 2019 4:46 am

Hi VoidStranger,

I would be happy if my interpretations are able to even resolve some of your conflicts even a little bit. Now word of caution I am a vedic astrology student and so when I draw up your chart it is different from what you mention due to sidereal and tropical systems.
Not going in their details, I will mention my analysis for the 2 points you mentioned. Since yout natal chart is different in the system I follow, I will not go into a lot of details.

Regarding your sun/moon/mercury/mars concerns,
Firstly, sun in aries is exhalted i.e its at its most prominent position. It gains a lot of strength in that sign. As said in the above reply, 8th house is definately nothing to dread about. In fact if people with 8th house planets let their fear go they can truely transform into highest order beings. Sun and mercury in 8th give a person very good analytic and problem solving skills. Also sun being lord of 12th in 8th, helps in its role for you.
So for this placement, what I would like to conclude in short is you are a very strong minded individual who has the mental capability and resources to deal with issues or make your own mark in life. The hurdle comes when your emotions are involved. Will elaborate, but Your moon/mars in cancer 11th house is also a good placement for networking skills and building professional and personal relationships. Mars conjunct moon definately gives the much needed cancer moon strength.
Coming back to the emotional part. Since 8th house is a house of hidden things and your sun, the ego is placed their with a watery moon placement can make you emotional at times and you tend to hide your feelings, this can cause trouble in bringing out all the positives there are within these aspects the universe has to offer you.
So in order to bloom you just need to be positive and try not to bring your emotions in business.
As for the personal life goes, knowing your mars moon in cancer you definately are a very caring guy with lots of warmth. But this is when people get to know you, prior to that you can come out as a headstrong person who does not share much with a person unless he or she gets close.

I hope I made some sense. If you wish to get a vedic chart reading I will be happy to do so and add in my interpretations from that. NAMASTE.

Vedic astrology student for life

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