General overview of Marriage and Finance

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General overview of Marriage and Finance

Post by Saraia » Mon May 07, 2018 8:40 pm

Could someone see my natal chart and tell me something about marrige and finance?
These period of time I feel stuck and everything is against me.
I graduated last year, but till today I cannot get a job since they still working on my papers.

Someone in the past told me I will be rich someday, but when?

And what about marriage? And how does my future husband look like ,what about his personality?
Arranged or love marriage?

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Re: General overview of Marriage and Finance

Post by admin » Tue May 15, 2018 10:15 am

Hello Saraia,

I’m very sorry for the delay but somehow I missed your post and have only just found it.

The chart doesn’t tell us what your future husband will look like, nor what his personality will be. All we can do is try to help you understand the kind of partner you are attracted to, and here the suggestion is that you will want and need someone who is stable, communicative and who would be interested in the same issues of life that you’re interested in. You want someone who is practical but also appreciative of the arts, music and in general, beautiful things. That all sounds like something we would all want, I know, but it is particularly specific to your needs.

I suspect that with regard to an arranged marriage you may feel the need to do what your parents wish as you feel bound to do this. However, you may also be quite stubborn, wishing to choose your own partner – at least when you find someone who attracts you strongly. You may well meet someone like this during April/May next year.

Feeling ‘stuck’ right now is ‘going around’, as so many are feeling this way as a result of Saturn and Pluto retrograding in Capricorn – a sign whose energies demand proper attention to what is going on now, on what you really need rather than what you think you need. The advantage of this is that it ensures you are on the right track, even though it can feel frustrating, especially at this time.

I think that you’ll start to feel a shift within these next few months, but really there is so much going on in your chart it’s hard to say exactly when. This matter of your papers being sorted out may occur around mid-June. (What exactly is involved with regard to these ‘papers’ ? I know nothing of current requirements, especially not in S.A.). What subjects are you studying, and what work are you planning to do ?

Re the matter of when you will be rich, I really can’t say/don’t know. Certainly you have the potential for this, and this could come from your career ultimately, and/or as a result of marriage. Perhaps it will even be someone you meet during the course of your work or as a result of your studies.

This may be a frustrating period, but it will pass and the best thing to do is to use this ‘stuck’ time as positively and productively as you can rather than sitting around ...waiting. This is a very important period in your life and much change is on the horizon, so...prepare yourself.

Hope this helps.

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Re: General overview of Marriage and Finance

Post by Saraia » Thu May 17, 2018 9:51 am

Thank you so much for analyzing my chart.
About marriage, you are right
I hope my marriage is a love marriage not arranged one.
And about my paper, My major is a hospital management.
I have no idea why they still working on my paper till now.

And for money, I still don’t know from where I could be rich, since I don’t have a job neither I don’t get married yet. I will know in the future.

Last thing, I couldn’t see the positive things right now becauae I feel stuck for a long time. Maybe I will relaize that when I pass this period.

Thank you again.
God bless you.

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