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Post by Lilith78 » Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:55 am

Hello everyone. I am hoping to create 12 new topics in the General Discussion of this forum. The main reason for this hope is to help me and others understand the various signs. In my own personal case, I wish to create fictional books based on the signs. The signs would be characters in the books. Before, I write the books, I clearly need to know Aries well enough to have a character or characters personify this sign.

The little bit, I have read about Aries is as follows. Aries is a Cardinal, Masculine, Fire sign. He sees aspects of himself in his neighbors. His speech is honest and straightforward. Sometimes it lacks tact, because he is quite straightforward. While others may see him as a bit of bully, because he is unwilling to let others get in his way, he does not behave this way out of malice. Male Arians have a high-sex drive and are impatient in love. Most of this I have not learned from experience, but rather from reading various astrology books. Oddly enough my sister's sun sign is Aries.

Most Arians are physically fit, because Aries' preference is doing to thinking, planning, complaining, moping, and more. Physically active Aries become physically fit Aries.

What would you include in how a characteristically Arian person behaves?

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