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Aquarius's Behavior

Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:37 am
by Lilith78
Hello Everyone. Sorry if this question has been posted elsewhere on the forums. If it was then, please post a link to the post, and I will do my best to read it.

Otherwise, please respond with your own commentary to what I am about to ask. First, I wish to provide some context for guidance on how to answer the question.

Gemini has what I call well-known behavior. Even though Geminian natives are quite smart, they can trick a person into thinking the native is not very smart at all. For example, Ashton Kutcher does a good job of this when he did the job of playing as Kelso a lovable moron on "That Seventies Show". Even though he is quite smart in real life (news articles claim he has a high IQ), his character behaves in such a way to make us, the audience, think his IQ is not very high. He does such a good job of this, that several people in real life think Ashton Kutcher, must not be very smart either. Gemini tricks us into thinking/believing its natives are not very smart, when in fact Gemini itself is quite intelligent. What I just described is one of several behaviors, which describes Gemini in general.

I have heard that Aquarius frequently keeps its emotions at arm's length. I have read a number of books which suggest this to be true. Rather than disagree with this part, please for now treat this behavior as gospel. The part I wish to present to you is that some Aquarian Natives have an ulterior motive by doing this, they act as if they do not have emotions in the attempt to get others to become more emotional. Furthermore, is it possible that the Aquarian Native would treat peers as being fools, idiots, or some other derogatory term because they are emotional, but this treatment is actually for the benefit of the emotional person, because the Aquarian Native wants the person to be in touch with their emotion and they secretly like the fact the emotional person has emotions? In your minds, would this question accurately describe potential behavior of an Aquarian?

I would love to hear examples of this happening in real life, but I would also love to hear why an Aquarian behaving in this manner is not behaving as an Aquarian would.

Lastly, if another post answers this question, then please provide a link to the other post. I would love to read it!

Thank you.

Re: Aquarius's Behavior

Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:26 am
by admin
Hi Lilith,

First of all, of course, we’re talking here of Sun Sign characteristics, which is inevitably quite general. By virtue of Gemini’s ruling Planet (Mercury), Gemini is cast as ‘The Trickster’. To what extent and how this functions is determined by the position of Mercury in a chart (Sign and House), and also aspects to both the Sun and Mercury.

I have to say that amongst all of the Gemini natives I know or have known, I’ve never come across any who pretend or try to ‘trick’ others into thinking that they aren’t smart or intelligent. Other kinds of tricks...yes...but not that particular one. Remember you are talking about actors here, and their work is to pretend to be other than who they are. Some Sun Gemini’s may doubt their intelligence so that they put themselves down, not recognising or being unsure about their intellectual capacities. e.g. a Gemini with Saturn in Gemini or in the 3rd House. Such may be clever or smart in areas that aren’t considered ‘education’ or ‘school’ smart.

Anyway, it’s an interesting observation you’ve made and I’ll keep my eyes open for such. Perhaps others here have had the experience with Gemini’s that you speak of.

Re ‘some Aquarians’ having an ulterior motive to their keeping emotions at arm’s length, I feel that this is not ‘Aquarius’ per se. It would require some other factor to add this quality, such as a Water Asc. or Moon in Water - particularly Scorpio, which often tends to have difficulty expressing their emotions openly - or even the Descendant in such Signs.

I have one Aquarian male with his Sun opposite Pluto, and Scorpio Rising. He ‘lives’ his emotional life through the Water Signs of others, and in that sense, draws out their emotions to experience what he can’t feel or express. (And in fact this is, I feel, quite a common trait of Air Signs – speaking very generally). You can call this an ‘ulterior motive’, but that implies a conscious purposefulness, and I don’t feel at all that Aquarius (in its pure form) has such.

With regard to Aquarian natives ‘treating peers as being fools’, I’ve certainly seen this in - some - of them. It depends on (as always) so many other factors in their charts. ‘Peers’ are of course under the umbrella of Aquarius and the 11th House, and if the Aq. native has a weak Ego, or a difficult 11th House, or Uranus/Saturn issues, then this attitude may well be apparent.

What examples do you have ?


Re: Aquarius's Behavior

Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2017 6:14 am
by Lilith78
Right now, I am working purely on what I read in books and what examples others are willing to give to me. Other than that, I may have Aquarian uncles, a sister in law, and a coworker. As much as I would love to be able to give examples of their behaviors, I am not ready to do that. Hence, the reason I am asking for the advice of the forums.

In regards to Gemini, my Rising sign is Gemini. While, for the most part, I don't intentionally want people to think I am a fool, there are definitely times when becoming the fool is a necessary outcome. For example, I learned in the classroom, that when I answer a question with what is clearly the wrong answer, fellow students go from being afraid of being foolish for answering the question incorrectly, to having the courage to answer it accurately. More specifically, has anyone here read the story, "The Casket of Amontillado"? Rather than ruin the story for those of you who have not read it, please click on this link: ... 8&oe=utf-8. Then click on the first link. This will allow you to download the story and read it. Otherwise, please do not be surprised when I ruin it for you here.

In this story, a guy is buried alive in a room with four brick walls. These walls have no doors, at least no doors that the author wishes to mention. When in highschool, we, my classmates and I, were asked to read this short story. Then we were asked one question: How is that the victim whom is surrounded by bricks is able to escape this prison? Me, I could sense the hesitation of my fellow classmates. Rather than making them sweat it out, I answered, "Well, aliens from another planet used their starship to beam the victim in board. Granted, this answer is so far out of the box, that no sane person would give it as a serious answer. So for that moment, there are two potential opinions my fellow classmates would form about me:
1. This guy is stupid for coming up with such a ridiculous answer.
2. This guy is making fun of the teacher for asking the question.

While, I don't like the fact my classmates would form the impression of me being stupid, I do like the fact, when I said something this ridiculous, the class finally started having a discussion about ways the victim was able to escape the tomb. I learned a valuable lesson, when I am willing to be a fool, I relieve others of the burden of being the fool for me. Plus, by being the fool in this case, I opened the doorway to both wisdom and knowledge. In effect, I tricked my classmates and perhaps the teacher into thinking I am a fool. Now, when someone plays a card of them seeming to have a low IQ, there is a good chance I will see through this ploy.

This is the best example I can give in regards to Gemini. If you desire, it I will give examples in the forms of quotes in regards to Aquarius, but I honestly did not think you were asking me for those. What I just thought does that echo your question (or expected response)?

Re: Aquarius's Behavior

Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:13 am
by admin
Edgar Alan Poe.png
Edgar Alan Poe.png (117.96 KiB) Viewed 926 times
Hi Lilith,

What a superb story, so full of depth and meaning. And thanks for the link. (By the way, you might like to peruse Edgar Alan Poe’s astrology chart – posted here – as it speaks volumes about this particular story. We can discuss it later, if you wish).

Re what you did at school with regard to the way in which you answered the question to elicit further response and discussion, is very much Gemini – in one way. That is, it was done with a kind of impish quirkiness, and with a ‘twinkle in the eye’. (At least, that’s what it feels like). And Gemini too, is ‘the jingling bells’ of ‘the fool’ or jester. But more than this, I feel that your Pisces Sun in the 11th (peer groups), is one part of you that, at that moment at least, came to the fore. Pisces can, as I’m sure you’re aware, sacrifice itself for the ‘good of others’ – in this case, your peers. (Remember too that Pisces is the ‘wine’ in this tale).

At first glance at your 3rd House, there is Mars – not one to ‘stand back’ in a class situation. And he’s in Cancer – defend and protect (often of oneself of course, but also of others close to him). And Mars is in trine to your Pisces Sun...and in wide square to your Mercury.

I won’t go on too much about your own chart, but couldn’t help mentioning it as in fact, much of this story seems so very relevant to, and in so many ways, describes your own chart. For just one more example, the sentence: “In this story, a guy is buried alive in a room with four brick walls...”, almost describes to a ‘t’, your retrograde Saturn in Leo in the 4th House...don’t you think ? And your Mercury in Aries (in the 12th – Pisces natural House), took the lead, spoke first, but again to elicit a response.

I’d very much like to see the examples in the forms of quotes re Aquarius.


Re: Aquarius's Behavior

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 8:21 am
by Lilith78
Here is one quote, "[Aquarius's] built-in distrust of emotion compels you to struggle against its chains, and this may become a source of inner conflict." This statement seems applicable to all air signs, with the possible exception of Libra. Joanna Martine Woolfolk, author of The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need, says, "Communicative. Intelligent. Likes to deal on a mental plane. Quickly grasps ideas. Can speak or write effectively. Takes a rational viewpoint." about the Air Element Signs. My guess is this rule about Air signs is not written in stone, especially seeing how we are talking about Air signs. This means that Libra, which places the emphasis on a relationship, is more okay than Gemini or Aquarius about dealing on something other than a mental plane. Libra acknowledges that emotions are just as much a part in a relationship as thoughts (or other things existing on the mental plane). Now, I am diverging a bit by including both Libra and Gemini in the description of Aquarius.

So here is another question in regards to Aquarius. I have heard that each sign is included in several categories. Aquarius is a masculine sign, so it fits into the masculine category. Aquarius is an Air sign. Lastly, Aquarius is a Fixed sign. Is there more to Aquarius than those three previously mentioned categories? If each category is a circle, I am sure the three categories overlap because all three of them contain a small circle called Aquarius. Does part of the circle which represents Aquarius fall outside of the masculine, Fixed, and/or Air circles? If so, then what would you say is it that defines Aquarius that is not explained by any one of these three categories?

Thank you for continuing to read (and hopefully) respond to this post.

Re: Aquarius's Behavior

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 1:04 pm
by admin
3 overlapping circles.png
3 overlapping circles.png (21.63 KiB) Viewed 921 times

In very general terms, ‘emotions’ can become a source of inner conflict’ for Air Signs. Hmmm...’with the possible exception of Libra’ ? Yes, Libra is concerned with relationships, but it’s view of such is still mental/intellectual.
For example, Libra is concerned with harmony and the beauty of form, line, design. Perhaps a good way to describe it is that Libra looks at a partner like looking at a piece of art in a gallery. A relationship is viewed (if you’re looking at ‘pure’ Libra) as something ‘complementary’ – remember Libra is always trying to balance opposites and, as with all Air Signs, it tends to be objective rather than subjective. There is no emotion involved in this. Libra appreciates rather than ‘feels’. Classically Libra is said ‘to be in love with love’, rather than to just ‘love’. It takes ‘water’ to involve the feelings. So, again if you’re looking at pure Libra, it is no more nor less okay about dealing with emotions and feelings. Remember however, that each Air Sign is followed by a Water Sign and if we’re talking about Sun Signs - not Ascendants – usually, or at least often, there will be either Mercury or Venus, who are always close to the Sun, in the ensuing Water Sign. This will upset the ‘purity’ of their mental/objective needs or views.

Aquarius - again ‘objective’ - is less concerned with the individual, so that personal relationships are viewed ‘impersonally’, rather than experienced intimately, at an emotional level. They can certainly be loving and caring, but for the ‘other’s’ welfare, preferring to stay away from those deeper emotional turmoils. Remember, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and look at the mythology of Uranus – the Sky God – who was so disdainful of humanity and its impurities. Unfortunately, for him, he was wedded to Gaia, Goddess of the Earth, and got his ‘come-uppance’ from one of the children he created with her – Saturn (the other ruler of Aquarius, and also of Earthy Capricorn), who castrated him. (It’s worth researching the mythology of the rulers of each Sign in order to get a better and more comprehensive understanding of the Signs).

Re the ‘masculine/feminine’ matter of each Sign, all Earth and Water Signs are ‘feminine’ (Yin/Receptive), while all Air and Fire Signs are ‘masculine’ (Yang/Active). I’m not quite sure what you mean by: “...if each category is a circle I am sure the three categories overlap because all three of them contain a small circle called Aquarius”. I think I can see what you’re saying. (See Diagram).
That really is an interesting question, but still I’m not quite sure where you’re going with it? Could you explain a bit more ?


Re: Aquarius's Behavior

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:25 pm
by Lilith78
Aquarius is an air sign. As an air sign, Aquarius is "Communicative. Intelligent. Likes to deal on a mental plane. Quickly grasps ideas. Can speak or write effectively. Takes a rational viewpoint." Sorry for the brief rehash of what I said earlier, but Aquarius is both an Air Sign and a Fixed Sign. I do believe there are two potential venn Diagrams that could represent Aquarius. One of them is the Diagram, Admin Posted in the post literally right before this post, the second one would be 3 circles that do not overlap at all. If the second diagram described Aquarius, then there would be an area surrounded by the 3 circles. This area would be outside the border of the circles. Hopefully you can visualize what I am talking about.

In order for me to answer my own question of which diagram does a better job of describing Aquarius, I ought to include a description of Fixed signs. Please note, this description is on pg. 333 of The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need. It says, "FIXED - Resistant to change. Single-minded in pursuits. Not easily swayed. Tries to mold environment to the will."

The closest I can come to overlap between Aquarius being an Air and a Fixed Sign is how Aquarius molds the environment to his (Aquarius is a masculine sign) will. Aquarius molds the environment to his will through communication and intelligence. Plus, Aquarius prefers to take a rational viewpoint, which is how Aquarius is able to mentally digest his environment. Given that there are no explicit words that overlap in regards to Air Signs and Fixed Signs, my best guess is that Aquarius actually falls outside of the three circles. One only knows how Aquarius behaves, by these definitions, by making what I call mental leaps between the categories.

Please let me know if this lengthy post helps you gain a better understanding of what I am trying to say.

Re: Aquarius's Behavior

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:21 am
by Lilith78
Please forgive me for reviving this discussion. I was just "in the neighborhood", and read this post a few seconds ago. Rather than use the previously mentioned example of the overlapping circles, it may make more sense using a parable. Also, I did want to say the diagram describes the first scenario. The three outer circles represent the mode, element, and gender-stereotype.

If the second scenario is the case, then fixed, masculine, air come close to subsuming Aquarius. Rather, there is more to Aquarius than them.