How to read degrees of planets properly

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How to read degrees of planets properly

Post by LR29 » Mon Jul 13, 2020 6:23 am

In Astrology each Rasi/zodiac sign consists of 30 degrees.

We've got natural/mathematical sequence of numbers regarding Rasis going as such : 0,1,2... 29,30,0...Such is the order.

0 means 0 and nothing else.

If a planet is found at 24deg55min in Meena it means it's going through 25th degree currently.

If a planet occupies 29deg22min it means it's going through 30th degree as there's no sequence such as 28,29,0,1...

If a planet occupies 0deg39min it means it's going through 1st degree as 0 means only 0.Everything after/further such as 0deg5min means that the planet is found at 1st degree.

Sani found at 19deg31min in Thula means that Sani is going through its deep exaltation degree = 20th for Sani in Thula.

Budha found at 12deg14min in Mithuna means that Budha is going through its Mrityubhaga degree = 13th for Budha in Mithuna.

See it once again for further clarification :

A planet occupying 29deg22min means that a planet is going through 30th degree as there can't be a leap from 29deg to 0 while skipping 30th degree.

Hope it helps for beginners.

Admin Note:  Even though this article relates to Vedic Astrology, the matter of degrees is also relevant to Western Astrology.

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