what is the main concept of astrology?

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Re: what is the main concept of astrology?

Post by MRD » Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:45 am

Hello everyone,
Very good concepts you have all about astrology.
I will post here an excerpt from my blog, about my own view about astrology:

In a nutshell, astrology describes the meaning of the sky.

Astronomers observe and measure the sky phenomena. Astrologers know the meaning, and translate it to human language, so that we as humans can understand it and use this knowledge in a positive way that enables us to grow, live better and more conscious of ourselves.

Some say that Astrology is a science, since science literally means “know”. Astrology is knowledge, cosmic knowledge, translated to human language (by the astrologer).

Astrology emerged from the observation and correlation of the Sun, Moon, and planets: their angles to each other, their positions to each other and where in the Zodiac they were. These movements of celestial bodies around the Zodiac and their relationship had observational correlations with changes, events and with people’s behaviour or traits in their personality.

Astrology is a practice that describes human meaning synchronised with celestial phenomena.

Kind Regards, Maria

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Re: what is the main concept of astrology?

Post by Virgoman28 » Sun Jun 17, 2018 11:17 pm

The man concepts of astrology in my opinion, is the exploration of the movements of the planets and the impacts they cause on our lives and on everything in existence. Cosmology is a key factor in being able to interpret astrology and astrologers need to know the positions on the planets at specific times as wells as the placements of the zodiac star signs in correspondence to any specific thing on earth at the time in order to give an accurate interpretation.

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Re: what is the main concept of astrology?

Post by astro_mania » Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:29 pm

Astrology is a tool. You use your tools to do your work better. But they cannot and do not do work on their own. So, according to astrology, you came here and brought your past, you work here and make your present, you go where you should go in future. Let me also tell you, there are no contradictions in this. Past is past. Present is present. Future is future. They are only linked but not dependent on one another. Thus, each one:past, present and future are individual forces.
Trying to put yourself in a schedule, in a framework, in a design, helps you understand yourself better. Finally you act on free will. This is not something that you follow by design but design to follow.
Now, coming to calculations, I believe it did not evolve in one day. So many things are involved in it. But one point is sure. It is certainly not the work of mathematicians or ordinary men. Seers, seekers of truth, psychics all had share in developing in this. It evolved into pure science not by accident but by proving its worth in its basic concepts.
There are many branches of astrology as it is said "God left his signature everywhere" and the one who is able to interpret it, will benefit from it.
Hope my version helped you.
with regards

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