How to know who is good astrologer?

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Re: How to know who is good astrologer?

Post by Noel Eastwood » Thu Jul 27, 2017 5:24 pm

we have excellent qualified and experienced astrologers on this forum, if you ask a sensible question I'm quite certain that one of our astrologers will give you a professional answer.

I see that you've asked a few questions but have not replied to the astrologer that answered your query. I suggest that if you are serious about astrology then it is a good idea to form a respectful relationship with those you seek advice from.
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Re: How to know who is good astrologer?

Post by cyberastro » Wed Sep 20, 2017 3:34 pm

for finding best astrologer you must check out that experience and degree in relevant field

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Re: How to know who is good astrologer?

Post by mukeshkumarsharma » Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:43 pm

A good astrologer will listen to your problems very carefully. He accepts the challenges and provides you a proper solution. A good astrologer will guide you what to do
when to do
At what time you should take precautions?
No shortcuts
proper communication from both sides


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Re: How to know who is good astrologer?

Post by Paradise » Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:33 am

For me, the most important factor in a good astrologer is the same factor that I look for in a doctor or anyone else I'm entrusting a part of my life to. Do I trust them? Because regardless of any qualifications, if there's no trust, there is no relationship. So I usually read the content the astrologer's written and get a feel for their tone and how they view the cosmos and their effects on us.

If the astrologer also provides their chart info, I look at that as well. I know the energies that speak an entirely different language than I do and obviously that's not someone I want to be my astrologer.

Good luck!
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Re: How to know who is good astrologer?

Post by astrologeracharya4 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:48 pm

A good astrologer is someone who is genuine and approachable. Genuine astrologers always give logical reasoning in their predictions and focus on the core of your problems.

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Re: How to know who is good astrologer?

Post by VyriVoyant » Sun Jan 28, 2018 4:24 pm

When you engage an astrologer-a verifiably sincere Astrologer will aid you in psychological area's of your life; concerning the delimit-question; they will wish to understand your nature & communicate with you on various levels (problem solving etc..practical applications) to help you solve the situation. There are other alternatives to resolve life's quandaries other than Astrological delineations.

When you sit with a confidant (Astrologer-relative-trusted friend) if they are really giving you their best, the effort is to break down any walls mistrust, in that information gathered from valued time-investment is to achieve a satisfactory conclusion for the client.

Many personal interests come to the Astrologer which necessitates a very close nit acquaintanceship with the client. Should the Astrologer give you a free interview and invests his energy into listening and taking notes about your questions and concerns he is showing his valued interest in you personally. The investment by the hour with a pro is any where from 50 $ - 150 per hour. Sometimes more. That include's looking at your natal & progressions, intermingled with a Horary quest Esp. if the client is asking about health issues.

Sometimes the answer is achieved just by letting time pass without much ado; the Astrologer counsels the client to be patient, the problem will resolve itself in a normal everyday fashion-and in so doing most times the client (after other viewpoints are considered) see's a way to resolve their own situation just by communication's-approached with a kindly genuine personal attitude. As said, quite adequately above-by another Astrologer.

There are no games played when you attempt to counsel a distraught client in your chair and they are sobbing bc their husband has run off with a paramour; the husband or wife's children-home, love invested in the union will not tolerate such a slip shode attitude by the Astrologer, such a one is only out to make a buck. Bonding is required, life long friendships are developed with any really good counsel-arie..the Astrologer becomes like one of the family.

Credentials are usually displayed; phd. etc as experience has allowed; for instance Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrologer. (c) with dates of practice - letters of re-commendation & success stories. (by the way he is a member of facebook, gives lectures-teaches and is a regular on

If the client suspects a one time visit is all the Astrologer will offer, I would suggest looking elsewhere. Rates established then 'Let the buyer be ware.'

All the best alway

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Re: How to know who is good astrologer?

Post by MRD » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:05 pm

As with any professional in the field of services, it can all turn out for the best (or the worst!)
We have all gone to doctors who had been well recommended, who have the degrees, experience, etc., but for A or B reason, for us has been terrible.

It happens.

An astrologer might have the degree or experience. This is an excellent sign.

But it can only be the astrologer's own skill, coupled with proper communication, listening, understanding, and her/his ability to assess the symbolism and apply it to the client's situation, what will make the consultation successful for the client. This is THE KEY.

Not everyone resonates with everyone, and astrology is quite a sensitive practise.

Because these things you cannot know BEFORE the consultation, I would recommend to pay attention at SMALL details:

1) The astrologer's website: What sensation brings it to you? Does it seem serious and professional?
2) The astrologer's response to your query about having a consultation done. Does she/he reply personally and directly to you?
3) Is the process of booking, and having the consultation clearly explained?
4) Does he/she is serious in explaining what to expect from the consultation?
5) Does he/she manifests a responsible/serious communication?
6) Is she/he willing to answer your doubts?
7) Does he/she provide with an ethics code about the consultation? (This is not necessary, but it is a plus)

Paying attention to the small details can give you good cues on HOW the astrologer is, and WHAT can she/he do for you.

Kind regards, Maria

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Re: How to know who is good astrologer?

Post by biggs » Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:20 pm

A real astrologer will tell you where the planets are in your chart, and if there any challenges

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How to know who is good astrologer

Post by astrologeracharya4 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 4:21 pm

Astrology is the study of the relationship and position of moon, sun, stars, and planets to interpret the attraction of the heavenly bodies on human affairs. Mostly peoples read their Sun Signs from time to time. After human born his life is full with joy and also sorrow. Persons have the problems such as study, career, love relationship, breakup

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