Uranus saturn transit mc midheaven

Transits are the most obvious and immediately evident way in which astrological influences can be shown to continue beyond the natal horoscope. They are a rich and complex means of exploring and suggesting ongoing opportunities for personal/psychological development within, not only an individual, but also within Families, and Countries.
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Uranus saturn transit mc midheaven

Post by Nuvvik » Sun Feb 02, 2020 6:40 am


My experience is unusual. Since 2017 it is like a roller coaster. In headlines I've mentioned only the most important transits since I'am describing 3-year period of my life.

Till summer 2018 I lived abroad, then I came back to my fatherland. I didn't place my relocation natal chart as the only difference is MC at the end of Capricorn on relocation chart an ascendant in taurus.


Here are the most important transits





transits to be survived:




1. FIRST BOMB: URANUS OPPOSITE NATAL PLUTO. I's 2017, the march/april. I lived abroad (Italy).

I found new job, finally something suitable to my education level and skills, no matter the country was coping with tough economical crisis, with high unemployment as one of its results. It was kind of miracle, no matter it was fixed term, eventually to be replaced by long term contract in the future.

- first bomb – break off relationship with moving to another flat (twice) as a result.

2. 2018 – march/febbruary – struggling with financial difficulties due to taxes system mistakes (long story). Still no long term contract at my job

3. 2018 – June. At the job some huge issue occurred. Some company tried to fraud us money, and I was partially involved, even if the responsibility was on my boss. I couldn't stand anymore the atmposphere of being blaimed, especially when my boss was telling our customers that I committed the mistake. Such behaviour I found extremly unacceptable and unprofessional. So, one morning I just went to the office, said “farewell” instead of “goodmorning” to my colleagues and… never came back there again. It;s not my style, before that I was really aware person, I don't like risky situatons.

I just packed my things as much as I could, and drove back to my fatherland. In the city of birth I found new job, they gave me a few weeks to bring all my things and close definitily my rented flat in Italy.

I had to travel kind of 3 times in only 3 weeks between Italy and Poland, but as a results I won with the taxing system and I my previously paid fines have been reimbursed to me.

I started new job, was doing great. At the beginning I felt a bit lonely, it's called reversed culture shock: from warm extrovert mentality to the cold, concrete and ambitious. I had a one of the best period in my life: single, well-paid, working a lot, meeting new people.

4. 2019 – febbruary. I had to change my flat after barely 5 months of stay. And… in my company, where I liked to work, not matter frequent overtimes, they fired my boss and replaced him with some boot-licker with no experience in managing people, the opposite meaning for the word “leader”. Tough time started. My salary went down (flexible bonus contract) no matter I worked more efficiently. I was struggling with lack of patience many times, due to irrational decisions of my boss. Normal communication was not possibile with such person, I failed in my tentative to try to re-establish workable conditions. Additionally, many people resigned and left the company that time, no matter that, the new boss was still treating employees in unfriendly way in most of the cases. Rumours and half-truths flourish in such an environment. I was starting to worry about my employent. New boss was always forcing to convince his employees that their job is not that precious, as they think, and, what's worse, that they can be easily replaced, by new people: younger, cheaper, more motivated. It wasn't difficult to execute: it was a small town and it was the only one company bigger than 2000 employees in a radius of 60 km.

5. August 2019. I decided to search another job, in another city. I found it. I had 3 days to decide and present my resignation. I had a difficult decision to make: I was respected sales specialist and I was sorrounded by many positive people, nice office, I felt there like I was at home. But the new job was really exiting idea. New ambient, new skills, so many interesting things to learn… I quit the job and that made my boss extremly furious. In my team another two employees resigned, but I was the first. My boss was fucked-up because of future lack of employee in our team, but instead of negotiations to change my mind I received only humiliations in front of my colleagues. Many colleagues supplicated me to stay, even some important key accounts, but I could not humiliate myself to cancel my resignation. No one of the managers tried to talk to me about my decision. So did I.

Here I need to add, that looking back in the past my decision was wrong. What was tricky for me was the stereotype of the risk, courage and bravery as the only way to success. We use to say “you have to try to know” So did I.

6. November 2019. New job started just a few weeks before. I didn't like it, I didn't tell it anyone. But I still believed that in the future I would change my approach. My best colleague from the former company called me and adviced me to call my ex-boss and renegotiate my come back to the job, because another people left the team. I could not. I was not able to humiliate myself (my impression) and I was afraid that once I would come back I wouldn't be treated well (my impression). My colleague was upset with me. Could not understand my decision, In the meantime she received a few big bonuses, and finally started being treated with respect. But I had the idea that it should not be me to call and beg for letting me back to the company, I was strongly convinced that such negiotiation should be initiated from the counter-party.

Looking from the future I confirm that this was a second mistake, another wrong decision, and I wonder very often how would be my life if I only came back to the previous company. Who knows? Maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea?


We are in January 2020. I feel very disappointed to myself. I could fix my wrong decision I did not. I didn't listen what my best colleague adviced me. In my former team they have even more employees now than before I resigned. There is no way to go back.

And In my actual job my leader and my boss moved to completely another department. I guess I'm coping with strange coincidence of losing bosses :)

I try hard every day to pull myself up and keep living. I feel overwhelmed by remorses. This year I'm planning to buy some plot, some ground and start to build a house. Nothing particulary big, but just to be out of the city during the weekends. I hope projecting the main plan of the house, studying ground permissions, plannig all necessary operation to find where to spare more money will be good realization of such tough saturnic transit.
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Re: Uranus saturn transit mc midheaven

Post by Noel Eastwood » Sat Feb 08, 2020 8:13 pm

Nuvvik, plotting life experiences by astrological transits is a tried and true method of learning astrology, well done. It is hard though, so much information to wade through and then trying to work out what and why and all that. Can I suggest that you make it a little easier for yourself and stick to exact conjunctions and oppositions, these will tell you more than enough and are much easier to work with.

Try not to interpret or second guess the many transits that come through each week, just go back to basics and understand your natal chart thoroughly first. That is your foundation and you need to do that before you try to do transits.

Good luck and well done, do lots of meditations too so that you can survive the stresses you are experiencing.

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Re: Uranus saturn transit mc midheaven

Post by Nuvvik » Wed Feb 12, 2020 9:06 am

Hi, thanks for your reply
I think the main transit is the Uranus that turns upside down everything I build:

Uranus transit opposite to saturn
And Uranus Square Midheaven
Those transits happened twice! Not because of retrograde course of uranus but because of my RELOCATION

Transits repeated:
1st time - quit from Italy
2nd time quit the job Iiked in Poland

Moreover there's a relocation to calculate: MC 29°CAPRICON // ITALY

As far as I know, astrology advices not to obstacle Uranus in its rebel: "go for it! ", "try!" But I'm disappointed of my actions.

All the other transits are background actions: like for example
Neptune opposite mercury: illusions

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