Uranus in Taurus transit my 5th house

Transits are the most obvious and immediately evident way in which astrological influences can be shown to continue beyond the natal horoscope. They are a rich and complex means of exploring and suggesting ongoing opportunities for personal/psychological development within, not only an individual, but also within Families, and Countries.
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Uranus in Taurus transit my 5th house

Post by thatregencygrrrl13 » Wed Aug 07, 2019 9:18 am

I'm curious how this Uranus in Taurus will affect me, especially as I have a natal Jupiter retrograde in Taurus in my 5th house. I have aspirations of being a paid screenwriter and have felt adrift for the past several years when it comes to my creative projects/life direction. Hoping Uranus will shake things lose in a good way.

My birth data is: 12/16/1976, 7:05 am Reading, PA USA. gender: female



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Re: Uranus in Taurus transit my 5th house

Post by admin » Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:36 am

Hi trg13,

Well, here you are, coming to and already feeling, the ‘Uranus opposite Natal Uranus’ which occurs for all of us at that classic ‘mid-life crisis’ period of our lives. What Fun ! Apologies, am not wishing to make light of it as indeed it can result in a rising and urgent feeling of the need to make drastic changes in our lives. And of course, this Uranus transit alone isn’t enough to say exactly what will eventuate, nor the outcome, as this will depend on your life up to that point, and aspects that other planets will be making up to and during the course of this transit, especially as transiting Uranus is about to turn retrograde.

However, first of all your natal Uranus is in the 11th (the ‘natural’ home of Uranus and having to do with one’s social set/peers/society – putting it in a nutshell), and the opposition from the 5th House suggests an inevitable and radical ‘confrontation’ with all that’s relevant to this. Naturally this suggests that you may have always been a bit of a ‘radical’/different in many ways, not least of all with your Venus in Uranus’s Sign of Aquarius – which of course I’m sure you realise is in square to your natal Uranus, and to which this transiting Uranus will also square.

Given that Venus rules your 5th House (where this transiting Uranus will be in June 2020 and at the same time in square to your Venus), I suggest that this will need some very careful handling to say the least, as you’ll probably be inclined to make some very hasty and impulsive decisions about relationships, finances and (as Venus also rules your 10th House) career. Your reputation might be affected if you’re not careful about impulsive actions...maybe a ‘love affair’ (5th House), or being reckless with your finances.

Basically, it’ll push you to break out from what is expected of you. True, this can lead you to discover a ‘truer’ Self and can be extremely creative. But it could be a very bumpy ride if you aren’t careful, especially as you may be so caught up in your own need for radical change whilst striving for your own independence that you ignore the needs or feelings of those around you.

There’s a fine balance needed between your Libran need for harmony (especially with your Natal Moon in that Sign which is also ruled by Venus and may tend to ‘give in’ to what others want and expect of you) and with your Sagittarian Asc./Sun which really wants to ride off in its own direction. Add your Mars conjunct Neptune in Sag. in your 12th to this mix and you’re caught between heading off in your own direction and constantly doubting yourself, or with what you feel and think others expect of you.

I note too that transiting Uranus hasn’t quite finished with your South Node in your 4th House, so there’s quite a bit more work to do in that area of your life since it started to transit that area in 2013. If you’re not aware of what that transit has and is meaning, it might be worth researching about it.

Bear in mind that this is a superficial view as I haven’t taken into account anything else in your chart, including other transits etc. that are going on now and will be doing so during that Uranus opposite Uranus period, but I hope it at least gives you some sense of what it might mean.

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