friend in a difficult time

Transits are the most obvious and immediately evident way in which astrological influences can be shown to continue beyond the natal horoscope. They are a rich and complex means of exploring and suggesting ongoing opportunities for personal/psychological development within, not only an individual, but also within Families, and Countries.
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friend in a difficult time

Post by random name » Wed Jul 03, 2019 11:01 pm

hello. i would appreciate some thoughts on this.

a long-term friend of mine moved away, got a in a new country in a really big and famous company. has a good salary and works at quite respected position.
but last few months he got really depressed, is not happy with his job, looking for an escape, even thinking of getting meds or anything for relaxation which is weird as he was always against it. he was always an extrovert, loud, smart, confident and funny, but now he lost that spark.
he also has lots of family troubles lately, esp with his mother, and even tho we are very close he doesn't want to talk on details to me about it.
i wonder what is in store for him?

he has moon-neptune and i understand that he will get depressed whenever that placement in his chart is triggered. which is happening now.
plus moon is in 8th which means he has very deep fears of abandonment, hence he is detaching from others.
pluto and mars are on his neptune too, he did mentioned he considers taking med marijuana for his OCD (he never had OCD acting up so much as lately btw).
saturn and pluto will conjuct on 20 degree if i am right? i think something huge may happen. but i can't pinpoint what.

also i think next year he may meet someone, maybe even in therms of what people call "soulmate", since neptune rules 7th and all of his transits now are in 5th.

mars conjunct his neptune, constant need to escape.

uranus transiting his 9th, and in trine to his planets in 4th, i think he may suddenly relocate? he already done one "out of blue" relocation around the end of last year when he got a job in austria, but i am not sure if he will again do the same? like suddenly leave everything there and maybe move back to croatia or somewhere else. as he keeps talking about is non stop and keep looking for another job opportunity.
like some suddent abrupt travels may happen?

he is mostly interested in his career and issue with his mom/family issues. so more details on that would be appreciated.

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Re: friend in a difficult time

Post by anandmalhotra » Tue Jul 09, 2019 12:57 am


I use different ayanamsa that what you have used. I see Venus and Mars Combust. Ketu Period finished in 2017 and venus maha dasha started in 2017.
Secoundly moon has given 1 point in BAV in 4th H. Issues with Mother.
Mars is badhak for sun and conjunct in 5H. So mind not stable along with Mooon in 8H. And 3 Melefics in Kendra.

Again 19 Points in 7H is poor married life.

God Bless All.
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