Jupiter-Sun Conjunction occurring right at natal Midheaven

Transits are the most obvious and immediately evident way in which astrological influences can be shown to continue beyond the natal horoscope. They are a rich and complex means of exploring and suggesting ongoing opportunities for personal/psychological development within, not only an individual, but also within Families, and Countries.
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Re: Jupiter-Sun Conjunction occurring right at natal Midheaven

Post by admin » Thu Oct 25, 2018 12:38 pm

Hi caprisag,

So sorry for the delay ! Very nice to hear from you again and also to hear that you’re in such a good state of mind.

You surely went to the right place for Saturn’s transit, and Neptune’s too, deep inside that intercepted 3rd House trine your Moon. Saturn’s also just finishing his square to your Midheaven/IC and how well he’s helped you to re-structure your career and purpose.

I do think that when he crosses your NN you’ll need a bit more ‘alone time’ and it would be perfect for such as meditation, or even for contemplating on the night sky and... the great panoply of stars, and especially...the Moon. Owls too are a feature in the symbol for your NN so during Saturn’s transit of that point it might be worth investigating owl symbology. (Just a thought).

Re Saturn and Pluto entering the 2nd (re-entering in the case of Pluto), this will surely result in powerful shifts to your life values, and also the way in which you view your self worth – even more so than you have accomplished so far. Whilst Saturn is going through your 1st House you begin to establish a more solid sense of ‘self’. Its transit across your Uranus and Neptune opposite your Moon at the end of this House will perhaps at first cause some doubts about this to resurface, but only in order for you to make more refinements of your self-worth and your value in and to your world.

Then, when Saturn enters the 2nd, you’ll be able to start to stabilise this and give it form. Nonetheless, it will result in quite a bit of self-questioning, especially when it enters Aquarius and draws close to your natal Saturn. “Ooof” yes ! But if you watch closely what is going on when Saturn conjoins your Uranus, you’ll be more ready for this Saturn Return in Uranus’s Sign. But that is a way off and you’ll have plenty of time to prepare yourself.

As I said, you’ve already had a taste of Pluto conjunct your 2nd which has been working very hard to transform even further and more deeply, your whole value system and self-worth matters. Further to this, I think that you’ll need to have a good financial plan and not just trust in your parents’ support. This does not mean – I hasten to add – that this will be withdrawn ! It just means that your own attitude will change and you may feel the need to become more and more financially independent as this will affect your own sense of self-worth and self-respect, especially when Saturn enters that House.

But, Saturn’s transit to your NN will surely be a very important point in your development towards your future. And so, this is your next step.

Ahhh...psychics ! Sometimes indeed they are spot on. And, well, transiting Pluto is sextile your Venus (ruling your 10th) during this next year – which of course you’ve already experienced for a while now. And next year is a Number ‘1’ year for you, so the beginning of a whole new 9 year cycle. Added to this, Jupiter will sextile your MC next month, which suggests many opportunities unfolding, albeit from behind the scenes but which may appear, as you suggest when Jupiter enters your 1st House in and from Jan. next year. Added to this, Uranus will return in direct motion into your 5th and trine your Sun in that direct motion Feb/March/Apr. next year. All sorts of exciting stimulation and self-discovery, already begun and set to continue during Uranus’s transit through that House until 2025 ! Yayyyy !

Not to put a damper on that but in the meantime, and re the psychic’s prediction, Neptune will be turning direct next month in square to your Asc./Desc. and will then be squaring your Mars ruling your IC, so I do think you need to be a bit careful of ‘Stars in your Eyes’. In other words, ‘fame’ could come, (and quite suddenly too as your Solar Return has Uranus conjunct the Midheaven), but you’ll need to be very careful because, as you know, Neptune can be very deceptive and illusory, and along with Jupiter moving into your Asc. can over-inflate your expectations. This doesn’t mean that it is necessarily transitory, but just that you will need your Capricorn working hard in order to - proverbially - keep your feet on the ground.

There really will be so much going on during these next 2 years, and as always it will depend on how you deal with each situation as it arises, especially as Saturn transits his own Sign – particularly relevant for you of course. Most of all, Saturn’s transit to your NN is really the next most important step so, just listen to and hear what he's trying to tell you. Easy-peasy ! :wink:

All be Very Best dear caprisag,
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Re: Jupiter-Sun Conjunction occurring right at natal Midheaven

Post by caprisag » Wed Oct 31, 2018 5:03 am

Hi Admin,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, as always, for the incredibly thorough response! Truly a great help. I wanted to take a few days to re-read and process all this information before responding.

I'm excited to see what this Saturn conjunction with my NN brings about. I love the suggestion to explore owl symbology — I absolutely will. It's immediately interesting to me that the owl was associated with the Greek goddess Athena and with the city of Athens (which is where I grew up, and where I'm visiting family right now). And next year being a Number 1 year is interesting and exciting as well.

Thank you for delving into the psychic prediction and related transits. Very interesting regarding Neptune squaring my ascendant and Mars; I'm such a relentless optimist that I often tend to gloss over squares when looking at transits, haha! But I'm glad you're bringing my attention to it. Interesting timing as well: last week someone I met at a film festival offered to refer me to some people that could be crucial in moving my career forward, but I've been feeling a bit nervous and skeptical about it. I think I will proceed with the connection over the next few weeks, carefully, bearing all this in mind.

That said, I'm very excited about all the transits and aspects occurring right around my solar return in a couple of months (including Saturn conj NN). Uranus in my 5th has definitely been creatively stimulating so far, and I can't wait to see what it brings as it continues to travel through that house!

Thank you for your thoughtful analysis, Admin! I'll check in after this Saturn - NN transit and report back! :)

All my best,


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