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The work of Swiss Psychiatrist C G Jung has often been associated with astrological thinking and much has been written about it, Some good, some not so good. What do you think? Do they have a connection, such as through Jung's idea of Synchronicity?
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Not About Astrology

Post by Dolores » Fri Jul 29, 2016 4:30 pm

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I was a bit confused as to where I should post this.

Okay so, I was asking: has anyone else felt very strongly nostalgic due to some very specific song or tune, or situation?
This is more of a psychological question, but everyone here is very experienced and skilled, and astrologers are psychologists too, isn't it?

I will make myself clear.

I am a HUGE music lover. Music makes me feel happy and,more so often,thoughtful and sad. I listen to many,many artists. But very specifically, two songs, both of Lana Del Rey(Burning Desire and Summertime Sadness) make me feel .... nostalgic.It makes me long for something I don't even know! Like....I have left so many things and people and these songs were a part of that experience and I really want to go back.
I have listened to MANY similar songs and none make me feel this way.
These feelings of nostalgia and longing for the unknown is very weird and inappropriate,if you remember the fact that I am a 17 yr old busy with school and career plans.I honestly still have nothing or no one to long for and feel nostalgic about!
So,I asked some of my friends,the more sensitive and artsy ones. They said nope; no similar emotions
And these emotions are too powerful to ignore!

Another situation where I experience the same powerful feelings is when I am admiring nature
I admire nature's beauty a LOT . I very often separate myself from the crowd just to admire nature But is there anything to feel sad and longing about when you watch the beach or the trees? This is really strange! But the emotions are too powerful to ignore.They overwhelm me to such an extent that on many occasions i have cried while admiring the night sky.I get this really strong desire to run away and be a bohemian.

I am a very ordinary high-school stud in the end but nobody relates to me!

Anyone please?

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