The Position of my North and South Nodes

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The Position of my North and South Nodes

Post by Sharkman » Sat Nov 23, 2013 11:55 am

I have been studying more about the Nodes and their influences upon me or anyone else for that matter. It is my understanding up to this point is that they are considered to be indicative of the challenges and changes that the native faces in their life to further their growth.

I have read several differing opinions about their influences and meanings.If I'm understanding my studies then that the North Node indicates the area or areas of my life that I should be focusing on improving or putting into practice to further my growth and development. While the South Node indicates my past experiences and patterns that need to be left behind and not emphasized because those experiences may pull me of balance and slow my growth and development. Because of their opposing nature I am of the belief that the challenge is to learn to be aware of their interactions and influences on me and to become conscious of how to balance their influences on me while trying to become more sensitive to working on those areas which my North Node is most influential.

It is all a bit confusing for someone like myself who is just learning astrology and trying to make heads or tails of it. I could use some feedback on this, so if you have any suggestions or comments that could help me improve my understanding please chime in.

If I am understanding this correctly the Nodes are considered the position of the Moon's orbit as it intersects the Earth's path around the Sun. The North Node being the ascending node and the South Node the descending node and that they are always 180 degrees of each other. I understand that from an observational point of view.

After doing some more reading and having a couple charts to work from I know that North Node is in Libra and that this also in my 1st House, the house of self awareness and identity . My belief is that I should be striving to improve my working with others and trying to create give and take relationships, my tactfulness and communications skills and becoming aware of others needs. Some of these are quite a challenge for me and I have struggled with them forever it seems.

My South Node resides in Aries in the 7th House, the house of binding relationships, cooperative relationships, marriage, etc.. The whole marriage thing has been a complete bust for me, so I think I need to practice that in another lifetime. lol!!

Interestingly enough in reflection of my life I have been a peacemaker and a diplomat of sorts from the time I was quite young and I have rarely lacked for confidence to overcome difficult and stressful situations, once I came to terms with the potential pitfalls and consequences of acting or not acting. I have often found myself interjecting my influence into very stressful and sometimes dangerous situations with little fear or trepidation in resolving or diffusing the situation. It is a little scary to remember that I have put myself in jeopardy to intervene for others when they were too weak or unable to defend themselves without much, if any hesitation when I realized how vulnerable others were. So maybe I have been intuitively fulfilling my path all along, albeit unknowingly.

As I said earlier I would appreciate any guidance on furthering my understanding of this aspect of astrology from those who would like to offer their thoughts.

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Re: The Position of my North and South Nodes

Post by admin » Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:37 am

Hi Sharkman,

Your observations are correct, up to a point.

The Nodes have always to be balanced. In other words, while the N. Node is something we are ‘learning’ to incorporate, and the S. Node has much to do with the past – early patterns of experience, we shouldn’t ignore the latter at all as it can assist us. It’s a matter of using the S. Node experience during our attempts to move forward into our possibilities – N. Node.
(Sounds to me that you are understanding this really well).

The House positions of the Nodes, and the ‘rulers’ of each (in your instance: Venus – N. Node, in 1st House; and Mars – S. Node, in 7th House) would result (in my ‘opinion’) to give you not only a possibly uncomfortable ‘balance’ right from your birth, but can result in periods of stasis, and then a strong reaction that can result in an imbalance. The ‘Scales’ need to be balanced. However, if they sit ‘level’, then of course ...nothing happens. So, you need to look at the House positions of Venus and Mars in your chart; at the Houses they ‘rule’, and the aspects to those planets to understand how they function with regard to the Nodes.

I realise that it seems complicated – and, is. But, clearly you are on the track, and you’re understanding much of this in relation to your own chart - always a good place to start of course as one can’t ‘understand’ others until one understands/knows oneself. (What Fun ! :roll: ).

Many places to search online. Just type in such as ‘astrology & the nodes’ in your Search Engine. Also there are many books available, e.g. “Astrology For The Soul” by Jan Spiller; Publisher: Bantam, 1997 - which I've found very interesting.

Stating the obvious now: it’s a matter of finding those (links/authors) which/who resonate with you.

Hope this helps.

Please do keep us updated with your search and discoveries as this will also assist others.


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Re: The Position of my North and South Nodes

Post by Achernar Sun » Thu Dec 24, 2015 1:58 pm

Hello. I am a new member on this site, and simply I feel inspired to come here post my opinions on the lunar north node.

I did in my head the following analogy. North Node and South Node are Moon's orbit intercept points in the ecliptic. Firstly which ecliptic? I answered: the movement of the earth around the sun, in a Cartesian plane. Then I mounted the following anecdote:

The Earth goes around the Sun (conscious), and in the process gets a lot of power and lighting, with hours that everything in it is on the surface is discovered, suffering complete elucidation. And on the other hand, in parallel, the Moon (unconscious) walks until the time at which the sun's rays to reach. It is naturally rich and full of mysteries. He speaks little, but felt too. And suddenly, all its mystery falls to water. Their full potential is unraveled by the majestic power of the sun, and those who are on earth attend the event until he finishes. The South node would be happened to the episode, and North lump the lessons from the experiences it.

Think as a spectator, you are a man reporting all, and this event is repeated forever. At first it is bewildered with so much information. After he notes, and reflects. But even then, unravel the matrix of criativade with only a few hours notice is an impossible task. And it will gradually happening, and he becomes an expert. Take lessons, books and fashion colleges with content that discovers and end of life, finally integrates itself to whatever the unconscious had to say.

In my mind, so with the Node North / South. The second potential is submerged, and the former is formed with conscientimento them. In the end, it turns out everything. Or maybe not. It depends on the effort to integrate these two energies in one. Correct me if this is incorrect.

And speaking of the axis 1-7. Well. Always consider as taking self-awareness. The find out how to integrate myself with the other, without imposing (it is not your usual), but wanting to be there like me is to help others grow.

Hope this helps, and thanks for reading what I wrote.

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Re: The Position of my North and South Nodes

Post by Noel Eastwood » Sat Jan 16, 2016 6:39 pm

very interesting concept Achernar

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